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'An Indolent and Blundering Art'

Emma ChambersAshgateHardback3101999In this highly illustrated volume Madeline H. Caviness explores a..

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"The Feminine Dynamic in English Art, 1485-1603 "

Susan E. JamesAshgateHardback376Neo-Impressionism and Anarchism in Fin-de-Si?cle France examines for..

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A Bloomsbury Canvas: Reflections on the Bloomsbury Group

Tony BradshawLund HumphriesHardback1122001Essays from leading commentators on the Bloomsbury Group -..

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A Celtic Artist

Jack O?Sullivan Sophie BownessLund HumphriesHardback1122003Breon O Casey artist and craftsman ha..

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A Century of Posters

Alston W. PurvisLund HumphriesPaperback4482002A Century of Posters presents a pictorial record of th..

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A Fine Regard

Patricia G. Berman and Gertje R. UtleyAshgateHardback356This book brings together a collection of es..

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A Queer History of the Ballet

Peter StoneleyRoutledgeHardback038991This is the first book-length study to trace the historical con..

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A Queer History of the Ballet

Peter StoneleyRoutledgePaperback038991This is the first book-length study to trace the historical co..

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A Shared Legacy

Fintan Cullen and John MorrisonAshgateHardback2802005God?»s House at Ewelme is an extraordinary surv..

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A Striking Likeness

David A. CrossLund HumphriesHardback2722000In their stunning simplicity George Romney s portraits ..

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A Victorian Salon

Mark BillsLund HumphriesPaperback961999This book is the first to focus on the fascinating and import..

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A Victorian Traveler in the Middle East

Nancy MicklewrightAshgateHardback2562003This really is a text that will fill a long-felt want. I am ..

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Abram Games Graphic Designer

Naomi Games Catherine Moriarty and June RoseLund HumphriesHardback2082003Abram Games (1914-96) was ..

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Agency, Visuality and Society at the Chartreuse de Champmol

Sherry C.M. LindquistAshgateHardback2822008Traditional models for studying the architecture of weste..

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Alan Davie

Douglas HallLund HumphriesHardback2001992This is the first monograph on Scottish artist Alan Davie t..

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Alchemy in Contemporary Art

Urszula SzulakowskaAshgateHardback170Providing an analysis and including discussion (interviewing ar..

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Alfred Gilbert's Aestheticism

Jason EdwardsAshgateHardback2922006One of the most significant developments in the study of works of..

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Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace?s Villa

Bernard D. Frischer and Iain Gordon BrownAshgateHardback2042001Since the first edition was published..

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Altarpieces and Their Viewers in the Churches of Rome from Caravaggio to Guido Reni

Pamela M. JonesAshgateHardback3902008Envisioning Gender in Burgundian Devotional Art, 1350-1530 illu..

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An American Vision

Wendy CooperLund HumphriesHardback2402002The culmination of Henry Francis du Pont s lifelong vision..

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An Anthology of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Mary GreenstedAshgatePaperback1282005This catalogue is the first to illustrate and discuss in detail..

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An Anthology of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Mary GreenstedAshgateHardback1282005The evolution of an urban self-consciousness in London in the ea..

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An Architecture of Invitation

Sarah Menin and Stephen KiteAshgateHardback3602005Beginning in the last decades of the nineteenth ce..

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An Introduction to Community Dance Practice

D. AmansPulgrave-MacmillanHardback29639630This introductory textbook is aimed at undergraduates stud..

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An Introduction to Community Dance Practice

D. AmansPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback29639630This introductory textbook is aimed at undergraduates stu..

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An Unreasoned Act of Being

Gayatri SinhaLund HumphriesHardback1202007An Unreasoned Act of Being is an account of the life and c..

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Ana Maria Pacheco

John Hedgecoe Sanda M. MillerLund HumphriesHardback1202001In 1999 as artist-in-residence at London..

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Ana Maria Pacheco 2-volume Set

Sanda M. Miller John Hedgecoe George SzirtesLund HumphriesSlip Cover2162001This special edition co..

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Angels and Urchins

Martin PostleLund HumphriesPaperback961998The fancy picture - a character study of a whole range..

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Ann Stokes

Edited by Tanya Harrod with contributions by Grey Gowrie, Richard Morphet and Hilary SpurlingAshgate..

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Ann Sutton

Diane Sheehan and Susan TebbyLund HumphriesHardback1282003Ann Sutton MBE (b.1935) is a weaver proli..

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Anni Albers and Ancient American Textiles

Virginia Gardner TroyAshgateHardback2042002Much excellent scholarship has enhanced our understanding..

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Another Africa

Robert Lyons and Chinua AchebeLund HumphriesHardback1201998Renowned photographer Robert Lyons and in..

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Anthony Caro

Ian BarkerLund HumphriesHardback3602004Anthony Caro is internationally recognised as one of the grea..

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Anthony Gross

Mary Gross and Peter GrossAshgateHardback1441992Varied and deliberately diverse, this group of essay..

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Apollinaire, Cubism and Orphism

Adrian HickenAshgateHardback2722002Derrick Greaves (b.1927) initially gained acclaim in the 1950s, w..

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Architectural Space in Eighteeth-century Europe

Denise Amy Baxter and Meredith MartinAshgateHardback250Providing a cross-cultural perspective on con..

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Architecture and the Politics of Gender in Early Modern Europe

Helen HillsAshgateHardback2322003In the absence of written records, the first explorations of Buddhi..

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Architecture in the Encyclop?die of Diderot and D'Alembert

Terence M. RussellAshgateHardback2401993Sally Cornelison draws on social and religious history, patr..

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Arguing About Art

RoutledgePaperback50439326This acclaimed anthology is ideal for newcomers to aesthetics or philosoph..

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Art and Communication in the Reign of Henry VIII

Tatiana C. StringAshgateHardback1702008Anna Green?»s timely and original book demonstrates that pain..

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Art and Identity in Early Modern Rome

Jill Burke and Michael BuryAshgateHardback3082008An examination of the work of the central figure of..

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Art and Identity in Thirteenth-Century Byzantium

Antony EastmondAshgateHardback2462004Alfred Gilbert?»s Aestheticism presents the first sustained re-..

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Art and its Discontents

Richard ReadAshgateHardback3362002A collection of original essays, Saints, Sinners and Sisters showc..

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Art and Morality

RoutledgePaperback31238808This significant contribution to philosophical literature opens up unexplo..

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Art and the Relic Cult of St. Antoninus in Renaissance Florence

Sally J. CornelisonAshgateHardback300An interrogation of the notion of space in Surrealist theory an..

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Art and Visual Culture on the French Riviera, 1956-1971

Rosemary O'NeillAshgateHardback250The sixteen studies in this book include six specially transl..

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Art Czar

Alice Goldfarb MarquisAshgateHardback3442006Drawn principally from primary sources, this book presen..

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Art from Africa

Robert Farris Thompson and Pamela McCluskyLund HumphriesHardback3042002In a museum display African ..

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Art History: The Key Concepts

Jonathan HarrisRoutledgePaperback34638961Art History: The Key Concepts is a systematic, reliable and..

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