Economic History

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A Critical Analysis of the Contributions of Notable Black Economists

Kojo A. QuarteyAshgateHardback1382003The purpose of this book is to formulate and discuss positive (..

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A Financial History of Western Europe

Charles P. KindlebergerRoutledgePaperback30439142This is the first history of finance - broadly defi..

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Against Economics

Rajani Kannepalli KanthAshgateHardback2661997Human Resource Development in Commercial Banks in India..

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An Economic Analysis of Income Tax Reforms

G.C. RuggeriAshgateHardback2321998Steven Rosenfielde presents a rigorous examination of Russia?s eco..

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An Institutional Approach to Transition Processes

Elma van de MortelAshgateHardback2622002This multi-perspective account of societal change in transit..

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Arts, Government and Community Revitalization

Javier StanziolaAshgateHardback1501999It is becoming clear that the noble goals embodied in the Enda..

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Beyond Market Liberalization

Bart Minten and Manfred ZellerAshgateHardback2782000Most African countries have experienced dramatic..

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Bogdanov and His Work

John Biggart, Georgii Gloveli and Avraham YassourAshgateHardback5041998This book targets Internatio..

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Commodity Price Stabilisation

Chris J. O?DonnellAshgateHardback1601993This book develops new methods of measuring competitiveness ..

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Conceptual Origins of Malthus's 'Essays on Population'

Edition SynapseHardback244039114This six-volume facsimile collection reprints seven publications fro..

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Conserving Nature's Diversity

G. Cornelis van Kooten, Erwin H. Bulte and A.R.E SinclairAshgateHardback2182000Brings together ethi..

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Contemporary Europe

R. Sakwa, A. StevensPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback32838749The second edition of this very successful te..

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Cultural Continuity in Advanced Economies

Gustav Schachter and Saul EngelbourgAshgateHardback3762005This book considers recent advances in hou..

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Dependency Theory Revisited

B.N. GhoshAshgateHardback1902001An important critical study of theories of dependency, both past and..

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Development of Economic Analysis 7th Edition

Ingrid H. RimaRoutledgePaperback62439783Now in its seventh edition, Ingrid Rima's classic textb..

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International Dairy FedeElsevierHardback34030317..

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Discrimination, Retirement and Pensions

Jagdish HandaAshgateHardback2561994The purpose of the book is three-fold: to present a conceptual fr..

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Economic Statecraft during the Cold War

Frank CainRoutledgeHardback24038991Discussing a rarely researched aspect of the Cold War, this volum..

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Economic Transition in Historical Perspective

Charles Michael Andres Clark and Janina RosickaAshgateHardback1782001Starting the necessary move tow..

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Economics - European Edition

P. Krugman, R. Wells, K. Graddy Worth PublishersPaperback88039173 Economics: European Edition by le..

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Economics at the Wheel

R.C.PorterAcademic PressHardback25836342Economics at the Wheel is about cars and driving, and all th..

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Economics of Marketable Surplus Supply

Ping Zong and John DavisAshgateHardback2201998Based on empirical and theoretical analyses and interp..

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Economics of Rural Land-Use Change

Kathleen P. Bell, Kevin J. Boyle and Jonathan RubinAshgateHardback2882006Steven Nivin analyzes a pro..

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Economics, Ethics and the Market

Johan J. GraaflandRoutledgeHardback038991This text introduces readers to the relationship between ec..

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Economics, Society and Values

Owen NankivellAshgateHardback2701995This book is based on economic arguments that an internationally..

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Economy and Economics of Ancient Greece

Takeshi AmemiyaRoutledgeHardback18439114Adding to the small amount that has been written on this asp..

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F.J. ThomsonElsevierHardback49628856..

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Emissions Trading Programs

Tom TietenbergAshgateHardback10382001A comprehensive collection of the leading articles important in..

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Enterprising Women in Transition Economies

Friederike Welter, David Smallbone and Nina IsakovaAshgateHardback2362006In this stimulating new stu..

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Essentials of Economics

P. Krugman Worth PublishersPaperback10039052For each chapter, the study guide provides an introducti..

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Ethics, Economics and Freedom

Timothy P. RothAshgateHardback1201999The objective of this book is fourfold: firstly, to examine th..

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Ethics, Money and Sport

Adrian WalshRoutledgePaperback16238961Written from the contrasting yet complementary perspectives of..

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Ethics, Money and Sport

Adrian WalshRoutledgeHardback16238961Written from the contrasting yet complementary perspectives of ..

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Finance Capital

Rudolph HilferdingRoutledgePaperback38439142..

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Foreign Direct Investment and the Regional Economy

Jonathan Jones and Colin WrenAshgateHardback2602006This book is the first to present an extensive an..

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Framing Strategic Urban Projects

RoutledgeHardback32039052Presenting the findings of extensive research into the development of plann..

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From Individualism to the Individual

George M. Frankfurter and Elton G. McGounAshgateHardback5102002From Individualism to the Individual ..

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Geographies of the New Economy

RoutledgeHardback20839052Drawing on international evidence this book explores the meaning and conse..

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Government Laboratory Technology Transfer

Sally A. RoodAshgateHardback3822000Sally Rood presents a series of case studies of successful techno..

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Governments and Markets in East Asia

Jungug ChoiRoutledgeHardback19238961Governments and Markets in East Asia examines the relationship b..

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Humour Work and Organization

RoutledgePaperback039052Accessible and amusing in style Humour Work and Organization explores the ..

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Institutional Change in Transition Economies

Michael Cuddy and Ruvin GekkerAshgateHardback2582002The importance of institutions for transition ec..

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Internationalization in Central and Eastern Europe

Marin Alexandrov MarinovAshgateHardback2562002This is a unique volume among the existing literature ..

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Karl Marx and the Classics

John Milios, Dimitri Dimoulis and George EconomakisAshgateHardback2382002By exploring Marxian value ..

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Keynesianism vs. Monetarism

RoutledgePaperback27239142This book was first published in 1985...

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Thomas Webster Academic PressHardback60038687..

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Managerial Economics,

Webster Academic PressHardback73937895Managerial economics is the application of economic theory and..

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Metropolitan Governance without Metropolitan Government?

Donald PharesAshgateHardback2362004The book examines in detail the issue of the governance of Metrop..

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Modeling and Forecasting Primary Commodity Prices

Walter C. LabysAshgateHardback2562006This book critically reviews the literature on the nature of FD..

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Monitoring Economic Transition

George Blazyca and Janusz M. DabrowskiAshgateHardback1801995The main purpose of this book is to anal..

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