Economic History

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New Voices on Adam Smith

RoutledgeHardback35238777This important book has been compiled in response to the increased int..

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News and Exchange Rate Dynamics

Massimo Tivegna and Grazia ChiofiAshgateHardback2082004Emerging Market Economies: Globalization and ..

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Performing Arts: The Economic Dilemma

William J. Baumol and William G. BowenAshgateHardback5981993Exploring the political economy of the n..

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Political Economy and the Labour Party

Noel ThompsonRoutledgeHardback34038777This second edition clearly introduces the ideas and arguments..

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Political Economy and the Labour Party

Noel ThompsonRoutledgePaperback34038777This second edition clearly introduces the ideas and argument..

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Regaining Security - A Guide to the Costs of Disposing of Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium

William J. WeidaAshgateHardback1861997A comprehensive and multifaceted socio-economic analysis of th..

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Road User Charging: Issues and Policies

Stephen IsonAshgateHardback2082004This book breaks new ground by accounting for the welfare implicat..

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Rural Economic Development in Japan

Penelope FrancksRoutledgePaperback32039203This book outlines the development of the rural economy in..

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Size, Causes and Consequences of the Underground Economy

Christopher Bajada and Friedrich SchneiderAshgateHardback3082005With chapters from top academics thi..

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Sustainability and Degradation

Sarah LumleyAshgateHardback2402002In the past decade, the concept of sustainable development has inc..

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Techniques for Measuring Income Inequality

Duangkamon ChotikapanichAshgateHardback2721994As in previous CIRET Conferences, presentations of new..

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Testing Regression Models Based on Sample Survey Data

M. Ishaq BhattiAshgateHardback2241995A review of financial market integration as it affects industri..

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The Catholic Ethic and Global Capitalism

Bryan FieldsAshgateHardback2942003This comprehensive book focuses on the prevailing conditions in As..

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The City as a Terminal

Markus HesseAshgateHardback2242008This book uses the Irish experience of active labour market policy..

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The Competitive Advantage of Greece

Ioannis KonsolasAshgateHardback2142002This compelling text is the first major application of Michael..

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The Economics of Agro-Chemicals

G.A.A. Wossink, G.C. van Kooten and G.H. PetersAshgateHardback4061998China's transition from a ..

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The Economics of Conflict and Peace

Jurgen Brauer and William G. GissyAshgateHardback4161997An insight into youth unemployment related i..

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The Economics of Disappearing Distance

?ke E. Andersson, B?rje Johansson and William P. AndersonAshgateHardback3142003Due to factors such a..

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The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management

Thomas C. KinnamanAshgateHardback4442003This volume collects the most significant contributions to t..

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The Economics of Sustainability

John C.V. Pezzey and Michael A. TomanAshgateHardback4242002This comprehensive set of analyses of cur..

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The Economics of Transparency in Politics

Albert Breton, Gianluigi Galeotti, Pierre Salmon and Ronald WintrobeAshgateHardback2482007Through fo..

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The Economy and Political Culture in New Democracies

Kristin J. BroderickAshgateHardback2122000An understanding of the consolidation process is becoming ..

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The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee

Karl Widerquist, Michael Anthony Lewis and Steven PressmanAshgateHardback3502005This book characteri..

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The Future of the Welfare State

Bent GreveAshgateHardback1762006This book discusses the transition to a market economy, political de..

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The Irregular Economy

Bruno DallagoAshgateHardback2241990This book provides broad coverage of relevant issues through pers..

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The Nobel Prize Economics Lectures

William J. ZahkaAshgateHardback1921992Banking in Europe After 1992 represents an interdisciplinary a..

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The Origins and Evolution of the Single Market in Europe

Bill LucarelliAshgateHardback2081999Exploring the evolution of the single market in Europe since the..

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The Renewal of Classical General Equilibrium Theory and Complete Input-Output System Models

Erza DavarAshgateHardback1921994This book investigates the ways in which the agricultural sector in ..

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The Revolutionary Russian Economy, 1890-1940

Vincent BarnettRoutledgePaperback16038930Looking at the alternatives to Stalin's reform program..

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The Role of Employer Associations and Labour Unions in the EMU

Gerhard Huemer, Michael Mesch, and Franz TraxlerAshgateHardback2221999Internationally renowned autho..

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Understanding the Entrepreneur

Christos KalantaridisAshgateHardback1702004This book analyses the economy-wide effects of various tr..

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Values and Economic Theory

S.A. DrakopoulosAshgateHardback2561991This title includes contributed papers (44) to the 22nd confer..

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Warm Hands in Cold Age

RoutledgeHardback22438961Public discussion of population aging usually focuses on the financial burd..

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Warm Hands in Cold Age

RoutledgePaperback22438961Public discussion of population aging usually focuses on the financial bur..

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Welfare, Inequality, and Resource Depletion

Mariano TorrasAshgateHardback2042003The percentage of the world's population who may be conside..

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