Administration and Marketing

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50 Training Activities for Administrative Secretarial and Support Staff

Elizabeth Sansom and Christine NewtonAshgate Looseleaf4841999A comprehensive and well-structured col..

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7 Key Sales Skills

Ash Quarry ProductionsAshgateDVD02007Avoid the classic mistakes and learn the essential skills to he..

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Account Strategy for Major Sales

Neil RackhamAshgateHardback1961988Most books on selling strategy are based on a series of steps whic..

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Administration Ethics and Democracy

?jvind LarsenAshgateHardback1402000A comprehensive study of the diffusion and effective use of ICT i..

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Advanced Sales Techniques

Ash Quarry ProductionsAshgateDVD02007This programme shows how to overcome six typical challenges fac..

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Bargaining and Markets

Martin OsborneAcademic PressPaperback23233025"Osbourne and Rubenstein's authoritative book repr..

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Sylvia CodlingAshgatePaperback1921998Benchmarking is designed for the reader who wants to know what ..

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Breakthrough Marketing Plans

T. CalkinsPulgrave-MacmillanHardback18439753Breakthrough Marketing Plans shows how to create simpler..

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Breakthrough Marketing Plans

T. CalkinsPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback18439753Breakthrough Marketing Plans shows how to create simple..

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Channel Advantage, The

FRIEDMAN AND FUREYButterHeinem HSHardback22836281'The Channel Advantage' deals with one to..

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CIM Marketing Dictionary 5e

HART STAPLETONButterHeinem HSPaperback33635217The CIM Marketing Dictionary the 5th edition of the be..

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Compendium of Customer Service Questionnaires and Inventories

Sarah CookGower Looseleaf2422002Thirty questionnaires and inventories covering different aspects asp..

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Consuming Experience

RoutledgePaperback20839052Coving the ?hot topic? of the consumption experience in an accessible mann..

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Consuming Experience

RoutledgeHardback20839052Coving the ?hot topic? of the consumption experience in an accessible manne..

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Controversies in Food and Agricultural Marketing

Adam Lindgreen and Martin HingleyGowerHardback230Many performance management approaches and 'scoreca..

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Creating Organizational Advantage

EGANButterHeinem HSPaperback22434973Creating Organizational Advantage presents a critical appraisal ..

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Creative Marketing

I. Fillis, R. RentschlerPulgrave-MacmillanHardback17638657Creative Marketing has been written in res..

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Critical Marketing: Issues in Contemporary Marketing

Mark Tadajewski (Editor), Douglas Brownlie (Editor)John WileyPaperback41639508Focusing on a new and ..

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Customer Loyalty Programmes and Clubs

Stephan A. ButscherGowerHardback2242002For any company large or small the most effective protectio..

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Customer Service Games for Training

Graham Roberts-PhelpsAshgateHardback1842000An eclectic collection of simple games exercises and act..

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Data Mining for Design and Marketing

Yukio Ohsawa, Katsutoshi Yada-Editor(s)Chapman and HallHardback33639814Data Mining for Design and Ma..

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Direct Marketing in Practice

THOMAS AND HOUSDENButterHeinem HSPaperback36037288Direct Marketing in Practice is a practical manual..

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Drucker on Asia

Peter DruckerButterHeinem HSHardback20035431"Drucker on Asia is written in two parts (Times of Chall..

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Foundations of Marketing

J. GroucuttPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback43238626This introductory text examines marketing within the c..

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Fundamentals of Advertising,

John WilmshurstButterHeinem STPaperback38436404The Fundamentals of Advertising is widely recognized ..

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Fundamentals of Corporate Communications

Richard DolphinButterHeinem HSHardback24036069The Fundamentals of Corporate Communications gives pro..

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Gender Design and Marketing

Gloria MossGowerHardback200Sustaining a competitive advantage in a global market now involves micro-..

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Gower Handbook of Customer Service

Peter MurleyAshgateHardback6481997This new Gower Handbook covers an area of management that is now r..

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Gower Handbook of Marketing

Michael J. ThomasAshgateHardback6721995This edition of a well-established Gower Handbook has had num..

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How to Build a Thriving Fee-for-Service Practice

Kolt/LaurieAcademic PressPaperback25836404Twenty years ago, a therapist could hang up a shingle, mak..

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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Nigel Hill John Brierley and Rob MacDougallGowerPaperback1602003The fast-paced nature of the desig..

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Innovation in Marketing

DOYLE AND BRIDGEWATEButterHeinem HSPaperback22436100Innovation in Marketing is a unique collection o..

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International Aspects of Economic Development

BirdAcademic PressHardback25633756Within development economics, there has always been a tendency to ..

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International Marketing

K. Backhaus, J. B?schken, M. VoethPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback48038261International Marketing is an a..

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International Marketing

O. OmarPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback54439783International Marketing provides a comprehensive and relev..

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International Marketing

Stanley PaliwodaButterHeinem HSPaperback54436039The third edition of an established text, this book ..

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PALIWODAButterw HeinemPaperback037591The third edition has been brought fully up-to-date. With its c..

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Key Account Management

MCDONALD AND ROGERSButterHeinem HSPaperback22435916Key account management is a natural development o..

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Michael Z. Brooke and John M. SkilbeckAshgateHardback4521994This book is designed to take the reader..

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Making Major Sales

Neil RackhamAshgateA4 Hardback1801987Making Major Sales provides a set of simple and practical techn..

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Marketing and Financial Management

D. Walters, M. HallidayPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback43238292This text explores in great depth marketin..

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Marketing and Multicultural Diversity

C.P. RaoAshgateHardback2882006Trucking in the Age of Information provides a comprehensive overview o..

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Marketing Competences and Strategic Flexibility in China

Y. Wang, R. Li-HuaPulgrave-MacmillanHardback28039052Today's China presents a unique setting for..

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Marketing Controllership

Richard M.S. WilsonAshgateHardback5642001The International Library of Management is a comprehensive ..

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Marketing Financial Services 2E

ENNEW ET ALButterHeinem HSPaperback38434973Within a practical business context of the changing, comp..

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Marketing High Technology Services

Colin V. SowterAshgateHardback2622000Enables professionals in High Technology Services to understand..

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Marketing in Europe

John Nicholls and Malcolm SargentAshgateHardback1921996The book has three introductory chapters whic..

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Marketing in the Emerging Markets of Central and Eastern Europe

M. MarinovPulgrave-MacmillanHardback17638504The radical changes in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) ..

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Marketing in the Emerging Markets of Islamic Countries

M. MarinovPulgrave-MacmillanHardback22439022The book offers an exciting overview of the marketing op..

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Marketing in the Emerging Markets of Latin America

M. MarinovPulgrave-MacmillanHardback20838626Marketing in the Emerging Markets of Latin America provi..

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