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A Behavioral Approach To Asset Pricing CD

Hersh Shefrin Academic PressCD ROM49638384A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing Theory examines the..

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A Business Guide to Contracts

Charles BoundyGowerHardback300Derek Eccleston's concise guide provides a clear picture of the purpos..

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A Real-Life Guide to Organizational Change

George Blair and Sandy MeadowsAshgateHardback1921997The Survival Guide to Changing Organizations pre..

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Accounting Irregularities in Financial Statements

Benny K.B. KwokGowerHardback2322005Drugs and the workplace just don't mix. Yet most users of illicit..

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Achieving Schooling for All in Africa

Christopher Colclough Samer Al-Samarrai Pauline Rose and Mercy TembonAshgateHardback3102003Sub-Sah..

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Adjustment Poverty and Employment in Mexico

Araceli Dami?nAshgateHardback2862000Analyzing the poverty trends in Mexico during the 1980s and earl..

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Adjustment in Africa

Ishrat Husain and Rashid FaruqeeAshgateHardback4461996Case studies of Burundi C?te d Ivoire Ghana..

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Administering Targeted Social Programs in Latin America

Margaret E. GroshAshgateHardback1821996Using case studies of 30 social programs from 11 Latin Americ..

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Advanced Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management,

Albanese CampolietiAcademic PressHardback42638626Written by leading academics and practitioners in t..

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Agrarian Economy State and Society in Contemporary Tanzania

Peter G. Forster and Sam MaghimbiAshgateHardback2821999..

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Agriculture Projects and Development

John D. MacArthur and John WeissAshgateHardback4001994A unique and diverse collection of contemporar..

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An Introduction to Business Ethics

Ash Quarry ProductionsAshgateDVD02007Find out why companies are concerned about ethics and what they..

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An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance

Dacorogna et alAcademic PressHardback38337012Liquid markets generate hundreds or thousands of ticks ..

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An Introduction to Wavelets and Other Filtering Methods in Financ

GencayAcademic PressHardback35937165An Introduction to Wavelets and Other Filtering Methods in Finan..

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Analyzing Poverty and Policy Reform

Christiaan GrootaertAshgateHardback2221996A case study of the impact of policy reform on the poor t..

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ASEAN in an Interdependent World

Muzafar Shah HabibullahAshgateHardback1822000Trade and finance has played a pivotal role in the econ..

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Auction Theory,

Vijay KrishnaAcademic PressHardback20037347Through accessible, detailed examinations of themes centr..

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Banking and Debt Recovery in Emerging Markets

Sonali AbeyratneAshgateHardback2542001Provides a comparative analysis of the law and practice of deb..

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Banking Regulation of UK and US Financial Markets

Dalvinder SinghAshgateHardback2382007Through a series of leading edge papers from well-known scholar..

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Beyond the New Orthodoxy

Nikoi Kote-NikoiAshgateHardback3441996A study of the political economy of debt and development in Su..

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Blowback in Business

Andrew HolmesGowerHardback200Organizations of all kinds are enthusiastically pursuing the marketing ..

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Book-Keeping Made Simple 5E

Geoffrey WhiteheadMade SimplePaperback39635582A classic title in the Made Simple Series, Book-keepin..

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MOROSINIElsevierHardback28038534This book presents new evidence on what really drives the competitiv..

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Business Applications of NLP

Roy Johnson and John EatonAshgate Looseleaf3361999In 1996 Roy Johnson produced 40 Activities for Tra..

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Business as Usual

Edmundo WernaAshgateHardback1481996Argues that (and why) small-scale contractors are the most import..

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Business Contracts Handbook

Charles BoundyGowerHardback44240179If money is the lifeblood of business, contracts are the arteries..

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Business Cycle Analysis by Means of Economic Surveys Part II

K.H. Oppenl?nderAshgateHardback4801993This is the second volume of conference proceedings from the 2..

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Business Cycle Analysis by Means of Economic Surveys Part I

K.H. Oppenl?nder and G. PoserAshgateHardback4641992These latest volumes of CIRET conference papers c..

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Business Ethics and Strategy Volumes I and II

Alan E. SingerAshgateHardback11602007This book brings together the experience and research of a rang..

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Business Finance

MORRIS P BURNS PButterHeinem HSPaperback9034394"Using the successful pictorial style, which made ""T..

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Business in Cyberspace

Ash Quarry Productions Pty LtdAshgateDVD02005In this film hear from an international expert about t..

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Business Networks

Emanuela TodevaRoutledgeHardback27238838Transcending specific disciplines, and synthesizing the cont..

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Business Resumption Planning, Second Edition

----Auerbach PublicationsHardback36039479Using a top-down approach to business process high-availabi..

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Business Services in European Economic Growth

L. Rubalcaba, H. KoxPulgrave-MacmillanHardback32039295The business services sector contributes heavi..

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Business Studies Made Simple

Geoffrey WhiteheadButterHeinem HSPaperback52034486This is a comprehensive survey of all aspects of b..

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Caring for the Customer SS3

NEBS MANAGEMENTPergamon PressPaperback9635582"This workbook will enable managers to: ? explain the m..

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CFROI Valuation

MADDENButterHeinem HSHardback35636192What generates shareholder value? How can it be evaluated? How ..

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Changing Corporate Governance Practices in China and Japan

M. NakamuraPulgrave-MacmillanHardback30439722A timely evaluation of rapidly globalizing governance m..

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Changing Japanese Business, Economy and Society

M. NakamuraPulgrave-MacmillanHardback28838169In order to regain its competitiveness, Japan is restru..

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China's Financial Markets,

Salih NeftciAcademic PressHardback41639052China?s financial markets represent about $2 trillion and ..

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China's Industrial Reform and Open-Door Policy 1980-1997

Qi LuoAshgateHardback1722001By advancing the research on China s Special Economic Zones (SEZs) this..

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Chinese Ethnic Business

RoutledgeHardback27239022Analyzing the unprecedented changes in Chinese ethnic business due to globa..

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Chinese Youth in Transition

Jieying Xi Yunxiao Sun and Jing Jian XiaoAshgateHardback2922006Featuring original research findings..

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Citizens' Financial Futures

Michael ClarkeAshgateHardback2281998Classic Research in Management presents for each research progr..

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Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Viviane QuirkeRoutledgeHardback37639356This book argues that the relationship between Britain and Fr..

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Competing for Knowledge

Robert HugginsRoutledgeHardback24039295Focusing on the dynamics of the knowledge economy, this volum..

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Contemporary Financial Intermediation, 2E,

Stuart I. GreenbaumAcademic PressHardback67239203Stuart Greenbaum and Anjan Thakor bring a unique an..

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Contemporary Issues in Regional Development Policy

Wilbert Gooneratne and Robert A. ObudhoAshgateHardback3761997Reiterates the importance of local and ..

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Contemporary Issues in Socio-Economic Reform in Zambia

Herrick Chota Mpuku and Ivan ZyuuluAshgateHardback1501997An examination of recent developments in so..

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Contemporary Issues in Taxation Research

Andy Lymer and David SalterAshgateHardback2642003Critical interest in the characteristics make-up a..

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