Industrial Chemistry

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Advanced Control of Chemical Processes ,


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Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook

CRC PressHardback159239479From fundamentals to plant operations, Albright?s Chemical Engineering Han..

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Alcoholic Fuels

CRC PressHardback29638838The first book available on the subject, Alcoholic Fuels describes the late..

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Analytical and Approximate Methods in Transport Phenomena

Marcio L. de Souza-SantosCRC PressHardback59239356Organized for quick and easy access to practical s..

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Attending Krishna's Image

Kenneth Russell ValpeyRoutledgeHardback22638808Valpey extends the discussion on Indian images and th..

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Automation In Process Chemistry

CRC PressHardback90039479..

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Bubbles, Drops, and Particles in Non-Newtonian Fluids, Second Edition

R.P. ChhabraCRC PressHardback77138899This expanded and completely revised second edition of a bestse..

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Castable Polyurethane Elastomers

I.R. ClemitsonCRC PressHardback31239508Currently in the polyurethane industry, the suppliers of the ..

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Clothing Biosensory Engineering

CRC PressHardback39138869Introducing a revolutionary trend in clothing manufacturing, Clothing Biose..

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CRC Handbook of Enthalpy Data of Polymer-Solvent Systems

Christian WohlfarthCRC PressHardback63238749The first complete book on enthalpies of solution, mixin..

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CRC Handbook of Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data of Polymer Solutions

Christian WohlfarthCRC PressHardback68839387Written by a respected scientist in the field, this hand..

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Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science, Second Edition (Eight-Volume Set)

CRC PressHardback803438869Drawing together interface-related aspects from various fields into a sing..

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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology, Third Edition

CRC PressHardback44039234Even more user-friendly than its predecessors, the Encyclopedic Dictionary ..

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Engineering Economics and Economic Design for Process Engineers

Thane BrownCRC PressHardback36839022Presenting simple, fast, and inexpensive methods to enable proce..

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Essentials of Analytical Chemistry

CRC PressHardback039508This comprehensive reference encompasses the scope and functions of analytica..

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Expert Systems in Chemistry Research

Markus C. HemmerCRC PressHardback41639417Expert systems allow scientists to better access, manage, a..

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Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing

Arthur J. KidnayCRC PressHardback46438869Exploring the natural gas industry from the wellhead to the..

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Giant Micelles

CRC PressHardback57639203Giant Micelles: Properties and Applications provides information on the gia..

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Handbook of Acid-Base Indicators

R. W. SabnisCRC PressHardback41639356This handbook presents up-to-date and comprehensive information..

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Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies

CRC PressHardback56839142Following a global energy overview, this book describes clean and alternati..

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Handbook of Industrial Drying, Third Edition

CRC PressHardback131239022As interest in industrial drying operations continually grows, so does the..

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Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Third Edition

K.S. BirdiCRC PressHardback039661The third edition of a besteller covers the latest advancements in ..

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Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua

CRC PressHardback37639203While most resources on hydroprocessing concentrate on gas oil and lower bo..

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Industrial Gas Handbook

Frank G. KerryCRC PressHardback55239114Drawn from the author?s sixty years of field experience, the ..

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Industrial Gases In Petrochemical Processing, Second Edition

Harold H. GunardsonCRC PressHardback40039845..

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Industrial Process Sensors

David M. ScottCRC PressHardback25639387As manufacturing processes become more complex, new types of ..

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Interfacial Forces in Aqueous Media, Second Edition

Carel J. van OssCRC PressHardback45638838This thoroughly revised and reorganized edition examines th..

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Interfacial Phenomena

CRC PressHardback52039356There has been significant advances in the understanding of interfacial phe..

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Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction

CRC PressHardback43239264The latest volume in the series, Volume 18 reflects the diversity in the fi..

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Lubricant Additives

Leslie R. RudnickCRC PressHardback039692..

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Molecular and Colloidal Electro-optics

CRC PressHardback59438961As the first treatment of this subject to surface in more than 15 years, th..

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Organic Mechanochemistry and Its Practical Applications

Zory Vlad TodresCRC PressHardback17638777Organic Mechanochemistry and Its Practical Applications gat..

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Phase Behavior of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids

Karen Schou PedersenCRC PressHardback42239022Understanding phase behavior of the various fluids pres..

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Powder Technology

CRC PressHardback53639022Drawing from the third edition of the bestselling Powder Technology Handboo..

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Powder Technology

CRC PressHardback41639022Drawing from the third edition of the popular Powder Technology Handbook , ..

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Powder Technology Handbook, Third Edition

CRC PressHardback92038718Continuing the tradition of its bestselling predecessors, this definitive s..

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Practical Guide To Chemometrics, Second Edition

CRC PressHardback55238808Practical Guide to Chemometrics, Second Edition offers an accessible introd..

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Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Volume 2

CRC PressHardback52039417Defying the misconception of process chemistry as mere scale-up work, this ..

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Process Chemistry of Lubricant Base Stocks

Thomas R. LynchCRC PressHardback39239356Highlighting the chemical as well as engineering aspects of ..

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Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic

Arun K. DattaCRC PressHardback47239356This book provides a unique and versatile suite of process des..

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Process Integration,7

Mahmoud M. El-HalwagiAcademic PressHardback41438808With growing global competition, the process indu..

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Rheology of Particulate Dispersions and Composites

Rajinder PalCRC PressHardback44039022This book demonstrates how understanding rheological behavior i..

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Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Ram B. GuptaCRC PressHardback96039052Supercritical fluid extraction is an important alternative usin..

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Solvent Extraction and Liquid Membranes

CRC PressHardback33639508Drawing together the most significant advances from multidisciplinary liter..

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