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Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs Essentials E

Timothy ThompsonMorgan KaufmannPaperback30439508Adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology has become..

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C++ for Everyone, 1st Edition

Cay S. HorstmannWileyPaperback52839753* This authoritative reference uses full color figures and col..

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C.A. PickoverElsevierHardback46836008These days computer-generated fractal patterns are everywhere, ..

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H.K. PulkerElsevierHardback50230834Twice reprinted and now also available in a paperback edition, th..

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Comprehensive Functional Verification: The Complete Industry Cycl

Bruce WileMorgan KaufmannHardback70438504One of the biggest challenges in chip and system design is ..

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Computer Ethics: International Edition, 4/E

Deborah G. JohnsonPearson Higher EducationPaperback21639814Written in clear, accessible prose, the F..

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Computer Networks ISE,

Larry PetersonMorgan KaufmannPaperback84839173Computer Networks, 4E is the only introductory compute..

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Computer Networks,

Larry PetersonMorgan KaufmannHardback84839173Computer Networks, 4E is the only introductory computer..

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Computers As Components,

Wayne WolfMorgan KaufmannPaperback68838565The vast majority of existing computers are embedded in th..

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Cost-Justifying Usability,

Randolph BiasMorgan KaufmannHardback64038473You just know that an improvement of the user interface ..

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Data Model Patterns: A Metadata Map,

David HayMorgan KaufmannHardback43238899In recent years, companies and government agencies have come..

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Deploying IP and MPLS QoS for Multiservice Networks,

John EvansMorgan KaufmannHardback45639173QoS, short for ?quality of service,? is one of the most imp..

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Digital Design and Computer Architecture,

David HarrisMorgan KaufmannPaperback59239173Digital Design and Computer Architecture is designed for..

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Digital Watermarking and Steganography,

Ingemar CoxMorgan KaufmannHardback62439387Digital audio, video, images, and documents are flying thr..

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Eclipse Modeling Project: A Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Toolkit

Richard C. GronbackAddison-WesleyPaperback73639873Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and model-driven ..

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Cooper & TorczonMorgan KaufmannHardback83239326..

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Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide

CarringtonAcademic PressPaperback27237500The Internet is connecting enterprises into a global econom..

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Ethernet Networking for the Small Office and Professional Home Of

Jan HarringtonMorgan KaufmannPaperback35239295In a local area network (LAN) or intranet, there are m..

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Fault-Tolerant Systems,

Israel KorenMorgan KaufmannHardback40039173There are many applications in which the reliability of t..

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From Memex To Hypertext

James M NyceAcademic PressHardback36733635Vannevar Bush, the engineer who designed the world's ..

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Globus Toolkit 4,

Borja SotomayorMorgan KaufmannPaperback53638718The Globus Toolkit ( i..

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Adrian FarrelMorgan KaufmannPaperback40038687The last two years have seen significant developments i..

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Grid Computing,

Pawel PlaszczakMorgan KaufmannPaperback28838596A decade ago, the corporate world viewed grid comput..

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Information Assurance,

Yi QianMorgan KaufmannHardback57639417In today?s fast paced, infocentric environment, professionals ..

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Information Superhighways,

Stephen EmmottMorgan KaufmannPaperback27834820A global information revolution has begun. Converging ..

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Internet Multimedia Communications Using SIP,

Rogelio Martinez PereaMorgan KaufmannHardback60039479Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) was conceived..

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IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation CD-ROM,

Qing LiMorgan KaufmannCD ROM039022NULL..

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IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation,

Qing LiMorgan KaufmannHardback96838991The authoritative reference text on KAME and IPv6! IPv6 was in..

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Joe Celko's SQL Programming Style,

Joe CelkoMorgan KaufmannPaperback27238473Are you an SQL programmer that, like many, came to SQL afte..

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Moving Objects Databases,

Ralf Hartmut G?³tingMorgan KaufmannPaperback41638596The current trends in consumer electronics--incl..

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Network Processor Design: Issues and Practices Volume 2

Crowley et alMorgan KaufmannPaperback46437956Responding to ever-escalating requirements for performa..

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Network Processor Design: Issues and Practices Volume 2

Mark FranklinMorgan KaufmannPaperback33638412The past few years have seen significant change in the ..

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Network Security,

Jan HarringtonMorgan KaufmannPaperback38438443Network Security is a comprehensive resource written f..

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Network Simulation Experiments Manual,

Emad AboelelaMorgan KaufmannPaperback19739417..

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Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design

Stewart Venit,Elizabeth DrakeAddison-WesleyPaperback55239814Prelude to Programming provides beginnin..

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Principles and Practices of Interconnection Networks,

Dally & TowlesMorgan KaufmannHardback55038047One of the greatest challenges faced by designers of di..

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Radiosity and Realistic Image Synthesis

CohenAP ProfessionalHardback38134274The goal of image synthesis is to create, using the computer, a ..

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Rapid Contextual Design,

Karen HoltzblattMorgan KaufmannPaperback32038322Is it impossible to schedule enough time to include ..

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Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer

Michal PioroMorgan KaufmannHardback80038169In network design, the gap between theory and practice is..

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Software Engineering Foundations

Yingxu WangAuerbach PublicationsHardback148839295Covering the theoretical and empirical foundations ..

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Systems Engineering with SysML/UML,

Tim WeilkiensMorgan KaufmannPaperback039508NULL..

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TCP/IP Sockets in Java ,

Kenneth CalvertMorgan KaufmannPaperback039508The networking capabilities of the Java platform have b..

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SKADRON, STANMorgan KaufmannHardback60039295..

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The Cache Memory Book

Jim HandyAcademic PressHardback22935827The Second Edition of The Cache Memory Book introduces system..

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The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook

------CRC PressHardback138439356Exploring the evolution in how people use and work with technology, ..

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The System Engineer's Handbook

John BlackAcademic PressHardback111233848The System Engineer's Handbook, written by the develop..

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User Interface Design and Evaluation,

Debbie StoneMorgan KaufmannPaperback70438443Whether you are a professional new to the user-centered ..

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Wireless Communications & Networking,

Vijay GargMorgan KaufmannHardback84039264This book provides comprehensive coverage of mobile data ne..

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