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Automated Data Analysis Using Excel

Brian BissettChapman & HallPaperback48039295This guide shows step-by-step how to construct useful au..

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Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse

Fon SilversAuerbach PublicationsHardback32039508Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse provides a..

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Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs

Bhavani ThuraisinghamAuerbach PublicationsHardback43239417The semantic web provides a common framewo..

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Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge,

William InmonMorgan KaufmannPaperback039387NULL..

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Business Process Change,

Paul HarmonMorgan KaufmannPaperback039295NULL..

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Data Mining

Ian WittenMorgan KaufmannPaperback038534NULL..

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Data Mining Methods and Applications

Auerbach PublicationsHardback33639417Addressing a variety of organizational issues, Data Mining Meth..

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Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS,

Mamdouh RefaatMorgan KaufmannPaperback038991NULL..

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Data Structures: Theory and Practice

Alfs BerztissAcademic PressHardback027515NULL..

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Database Development and Management

Lee ChaoAuerbach PublicationsHardback60738718Today's database professionals must understand how..

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Enterprise Knowledge Management

David LoshinMorgan KaufmannPaperback036892NULL..

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Fast SOA,

Frank CohenMorgan KaufmannPaperback039083NULL..

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Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures,

Hanan SametMorgan KaufmannHardback038961NULL..

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Grid Application Systems Design

April J. WellsCRC PressHardback25639387Grid Application Systems Design discusses the considerations ..

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Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems

Azad AdamAuerbach PublicationsHardback28039326Despite the global shift toward delivering services on..

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Information Modeling and Relational Databases,

Terry HalpinMorgan KaufmannHardback039539NULL..

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Introduction to Data Compression,

Khalid SayoodMorgan KaufmannHardback70438687The second edition of Introduction to Data Compression b..

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Introduction to the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services

Liyang YuChapman & HallHardback36839264Equipping you with the tools to explore the world of the sema..

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IT Manager's Handbook,Second Edition,

Bill HoltsniderMorgan KaufmannPaperback038991NULL..

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Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard, and Practice,

Mark HornickMorgan KaufmannPaperback039022NULL..

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Joe Celko's Analytics and OLAP in SQL,

Joe CelkoMorgan KaufmannPaperback038961NULL..

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Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties,

Joe CelkoMorgan KaufmannPaperback038565NULL..

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Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers, Second Edition,

Joe CelkoMorgan KaufmannPaperback038991NULL..

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Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, and Content Management

Jessica KeyesAuerbach PublicationsHardback50438838Delineating the strategic use of the information i..

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Object-Orientated Database Design Clearly Explained

Jan HarringtonAcademic PressPaperback036434NULL..

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Physical Database Design,

Sam LightstoneMorgan KaufmannPaperback039234NULL..

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Planning and Design of Information Systems

----------Academic PressPaperback033239NULL..

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Probabilistic Methods for Financial and Marketing Informatics,

Richard NeapolitanMorgan KaufmannHardback039203NULL..

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Proceedings 2004 VLDB Conference,

VLDBMorgan KaufmannPaperback038261NULL..

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Michael DonahooMorgan KaufmannPaperback038596NULL..

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The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence,

Steve WilliamsMorgan KaufmannPaperback039083NULL..

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Theories of Geographic Concepts

Marinos KavourasCRC PressHardback35239417Written by experts in the field, this book addresses theore..

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Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems ,

Amir FaghriAcademic PressHardback038899NULL..

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Unleashing Web 2.0,

Gottfried VossenMorgan KaufmannPaperback039326NULL..

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Web Dragons,

Ian WittenMorgan KaufmannPaperback039022NULL..

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XML in Data Management

Peter AikenMorgan KaufmannPaperback038169NULL..

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