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3D Game Engine Architecture,

David EberlyMorgan KaufmannHardback038353NULL..

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3D Game Engine Design,

David EberlyMorgan KaufmannHardback039022NULL..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €59.00

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics,

HOWARD, ANGUSFocal PressPaperback41638808Acoustics and Psychoacoustics is ideal for students of musi..

€46.00 Ex Tax: €46.00

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 ,

ANDREWSFocal PressPaperback38438626If you are just starting to work with digital images and want to ..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €29.00

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 A-Z,

Philip AndrewsFocal PressPaperback25639083"If you are a digital camera enthusiast jumping into enhan..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €24.00

An Introduction to Ray Tracing

Andrew GlassnerAcademic PressHardback032660NULL..

€87.00 Ex Tax: €87.00

Analog Synthesizers,

Mark JenkinsFocal PressBook & CD ROM33639234In this book, the technical explanation of the nature of..

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Animation: The Mechanics of Motion,

WEBSTERFocal PressPaperback25638534Learn the key skills you need with this practical and inspiration..

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DAVIS et alMorgan KaufmannCD ROM039052NULL..

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Artificial Intelligence for Games,

Ian MillingtonMorgan KaufmannBook & CD ROM038961NULL..

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Buying and Selling Multimedia Services

SOUTER GERRYFocal PressPaperback24435551This book is a comprehensive guide to buying and developing ..

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Complete Maya Programming: Volume 2

David GouldMorgan KaufmannPaperback038596NULL..

€57.00 Ex Tax: €57.00

Computation and Visualization for Understanding Dynamics in Geographic Domains

May YuanCRC PressPaperback12039417Computation and Visualization for the Understanding of Dynamics in..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €32.00

Computer Animation,

Richard ParentMorgan KaufmannHardback62439387Driven by the demands of research and the entertainment..

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Creative After Effects 5.0

TAYLORFocal PressPaperback32037104In this dynamic new text Angie Taylor provides a comprehensive gui..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €48.00

Creative After Effects 7 ,

Angie TaylorFocal PressPaperback58438930Realize your creative potential with a working knowledge of ..

€44.00 Ex Tax: €44.00

Creative Photoshop: Digital Illustration and Art Techniques, cove

Derek LeaFocal PressPaperback37639295Derek?s edge is that he won?t stand still. He has a knack for f..

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Creative Suite 3 Integration,

Keith MartinFocal PressPaperback35239295Learn how to integrate the new versions and features of all..

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Digital Cinematography

LeeuwAP ProfessionalPaperback035521NULL..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €50.00

Digital Colour in Graphic Design

PENDERFocal PressPaperback22436069Complete, practical guide to handling colour graphics on the deskt..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €50.00

Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite

Michael MandibergPeachpit PressPaperback34439783Teaches classic design principles alongside the basi..

€39.98 Ex Tax: €39.98

Digital Graphic Design

PENDERFocal PressPaperback33635370Comprehensive, cross-platform, DIY guide to the creation of a wide..

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Digital Modeling of Material Appearance,

Julie DorseyMorgan KaufmannHardback039417NULL..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €59.00

Digital Video for the Desktop

PENDERFocal PressPaperback21236342Practical introduction to creating and editing high quality video ..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €50.00

Document and Image Compression

CRC PressHardback45638838Offering an overview of the latest advances, Document and Image Compression..

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P. ManoilovElsevierHardback79836770"Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Graphics contains 10,540 ..

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Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques

RICHARD TAYLORFocal PressPaperback17636251"Whether you're planning to rig up a camera in a back..

€28.00 Ex Tax: €28.00

Focal Easy Guide to After Effects ,

SPONSLERFocal PressPaperback29638412If you want to become a resourceful creative artist then look no..

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Focal Easy Guide to Discreet combustion 3,

DAVISFocal PressPaperback34438169If you are new to Discreet combustion, or moving over to use this p..

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Focal Easy Guide to DVD Studio Pro 3,

YOUNGFocal PressPaperback24038322This highly illustrated, full color book tells you all you need to ..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €23.00

Fractals Everywhere

Michael BarnsleyMorgan KaufmannPaperback036770NULL..

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Game Physics Engine Development,

Ian MillingtonMorgan KaufmannHardback039173NULL..

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DORST et alMorgan KaufmannHardback039234NULL..

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Geometric Algebra for Computer Science,

Leo DorstMorgan KaufmannHardback039173NULL..

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Graphics Gems

Andrew GlassnerAP ProfessionalHardback034335NULL..

€80.00 Ex Tax: €80.00

Graphics Gems II

James ArvoAP ProfessionalHardback034639NULL..

€80.00 Ex Tax: €80.00

Guide to Computer Animation

KUPERBERGFocal PressPaperback26437347Any questions you have about 2D or 3D animation in this new dig..

€42.00 Ex Tax: €42.00

Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Andrew Young Academic PressHardback70531503"This practical handbook provides a broad overview of the..

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High Dynamic Range Imaging

Erik ReinhardMorgan KaufmannHardback52038657High dynamic range imaging produces images with a much g..

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How to Cheat in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6,

David AschFocal PressPaperback26439417How to Cheat in Elements 6 is an invaluable resource for all u..

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Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom

Aquent Creative TeamWileyPaperback32039814Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom is like having a persona..

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Image Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW, Second Edition

Michael C. AsheCRC PressHardback039630Image Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW provides a compr..

€94.00 Ex Tax: €94.00

Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis

John C. RussCRC PressHardback37639387A unique textbook, Introduction to Image Processing and Analysi..

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Introduction To The Graphical Kernel System (GKS)

UnknownAcademic PressPaperback031594NULL..

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Langford's Basic Photography,

Michael LangfordFocal PressPaperback44839142Langford?s Basic Photography has informed the work and c..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €29.00

Langford's Starting Photography,

Philip AndrewsFocal PressPaperback36839114"You can photograph creatively - from scratch. Don?t waste..

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Location Lighting for Television

BERMINGHAMFocal PressPaperback30437834The first book of its kind to introduce the problems of locati..

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MEL Scripting for Maya Animators

Mark WilkinsMorgan KaufmannPaperback038565NULL..

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--------CRC PressHardback039814Mechatronics-the breakthrough concept in the design and analysis of e..

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Mobile 3D Graphics,

Kari PulliMorgan KaufmannHardback039417NULL..

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