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?A Miracle of Learning?

Toby Barnard D?ibh? ? Cr?in?n and Katharine SimsAshgateHardback3401998This volume celebrates the wo..

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A Bibliography of Medical and Biomedical Biography

Leslie T. Morton and Robert J. MooreAshgateHardback4382005This new third edition of A Bibliography o..

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A Guide to Children's Books about Asian Americans

Barbara BlakeAshgateHardback2401995The USA has well-documented immigrant problems and Asian America..

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A Guide to Children's Reference Books and Multimedia Material

Susan HancockAshgateHardback2281998Each book entry provides full details of the title publisher and..

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A Sequel to 'An Enquiry'

Nicolas Barker and John CollinsAshgateHardback3681983Second Edition of Carter and Pollard's exposure..

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Africa South of the Sahara 2007

--------RoutledgeHardback153638991This work contains thoroughly revised and updated analytical artic..

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An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth-Century Pamphlets

John Carter and Graham PollardAshgateHardback4641983Second Edition with an Epilogue by the Authors ..

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Anderson?s Travel Companion

Compiled by Sarah AndersonAshgateHardback5841996A selection of the best in travel writing with both..

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Antiquarian Books

Philippa Bernard Leo Bernard and Angus O'NeillAshgateHardback4801994This companion sets out to prov..

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Benjamin Fawcett

Ruari McLean and Antonia McLeanAshgateHardback1961988Benjamin Fawcett (1808-1893) was the outstandin..

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Bodleian Library MS Fairfax 16

John Norton-SmithAshgateHardback7201979Second Edition with an Epilogue by the Authors and new mater..

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British Anatomy 1525-1800: A Bibliography

Kenneth F. RussellAshgateHardback2981987No study of the history of a nation's contribution to anatom..

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Children's Fiction 1900-1950

John Cooper and Jonathan CooperAshgateHardback2401998The first five decades of the twentieth century..

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Children?s Book Publishing in Britain since 1945

Kimberley Reynolds and Nicholas TuckerAshgateHardback1821998This is the story of children?s books a..

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Children?s Fiction Sourcebook

Margaret Hobson and Jennifer MaddenAshgateHardback3421995This sourcebook is a basic working tool for..

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Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English 1800-1930

Peter MendesAshgateHardback5041993This work offers bibliographical descriptions of all printings of ..

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Detective Fiction

John Cooper and B.A. PikeAshgateHardback3521994This book is an expanded revised and updated second ..

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Dictionary of Labour Biography

K. Gildart, D. HowellPalgrave MacmillanHardback37238322The Dictionary of Labour Biography has an out..

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Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia 2007

---------RoutledgeHardback75039022This work includes extensive coverage of the political, economic a..

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English Catholic Books 1641-1700

Thomas H. ClancyAshgateHardback2401996In this revised edition of his catalogue which includes 214 ne..

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English Catholic Books 1701-1800

F. Blom J. Blom F. Korsten and G. ScottAshgateHardback3961996In the early part of the 18th century..

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English Cursive Book Hands 1250-1500

M.B. ParkesAshgateHardback841979First published in 1969 English Cursive Book Hands rapidly establis..

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Enser?s Filmed Books and Plays

Ellen BaskinAshgateHardback12162003The Sixth Edition of Enser's Filmed Books and Plays presents for ..

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European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2007

---------RoutledgeHardback75638991Thoroughly updated, this new edition provides extensive informatio..

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First Editions

K. Anthony WardAshgatePaperback4161994?How do you know when a book is a first edition?? All collecto..

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Five Centuries of English Book Illustration

Edward HodnettAshgateHardback3841988This is the first detailed survey of the past five centuries of ..

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Free Print and Non-Commercial Publishing since 1700

James RavenAshgateHardback2722000Publishing? in the sense of making print public embraces the free ..

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GK: 150 Years of the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum

A.H. ChaplinAshgateHardback1921987The author examines the peculiarities of the cataloguing system de..

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Gutenberg and the Impact of Printing

Stephan F?sselAshgateHardback2162005From typefounding through typesetting to the printing process it..

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Handbook of Intelligence Studies

RoutledgeHardback37039052Intelligence has been in the news consistently since 9/11 and the Iraqi WMD..

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International Directory of Government 2007

---------RoutledgeHardback76039234The "International Directory of Government "is the definitive guid..

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International Who's Who in Classical Music/Popular Music 2006 Set

RoutledgeHardback038777Combining the International Who's Who in Classical Music and the Interna..

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International Who's Who in Poetry 2007

----------RoutledgeHardback42038930The 14th edition of the "International Who's Who in Poetry "..

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Inventing the Modern Self and John Dewey

T. PopkewitzPulgrave-MacmillanHardback32038687This collection includes original studies from scholar..

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Inventing the Modern Self and John Dewey

T. PopkewitzPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback32039692This collection includes original studies from schola..

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Johann Gutenberg

Douglas Martin Albert KaprAshgateHardback3201996Although Johann Gutenberg's seminal invention of pr..

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Judging a Book by Its Cover

Nicole Matthews and Nickianne MoodyAshgateHardback2142007This collection examines the role of book c..

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Knowledge Economy, Information Technologies and Growth

Luigi PaganettoAshgateHardback5482004A pioneering work on outward investment by transition economies..

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Ma(r)king the Text

Joe Bray Miriam Handley and Anne C. HenryAshgateHardback3662000The consequences of this approach to..

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Medieval Manuscripts in Post-Medieval England

Andrew G. WatsonAshgateHardback3962004Two themes uniting the essays in this collection are the prove..

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Morton?s Medical Bibliography

Jeremy M. NormanAshgateHardback12681991Since its original publication in 1943 Morton's Medical Bibl..

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New Science Out of Old Books

Richard Beadle and A.J. PiperAshgateHardback4641995This international collection of original studies..

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Now Read On

Mandy Hicken and Ray PrytherchAshgateHardback4421994Now Read On will solve all these problems. It is..

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Pharmacopoeias and Related Literature in Britain and America 1618-1847

David L. CowenAshgateHardback3082001Collected in this volume are the author?s historical and bibliog..

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Pica Roman Type in Elizabethan England

W. Craig FergusonAshgateHardback2561989During the second half of the sixteenth century roman type fa..

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Popular Children?s Literature in Britain

Julia Briggs Dennis Butts and M.O. GrenbyAshgateHardback3562008Responding to the astonishing succes..

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Profiles of People in Power

CircaRoutledgeHardback72038777An invaluable reference guide to head's of government around the ..

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Reading Publishing and the Formation of Literary Taste in England 1880-1914

Mary HammondAshgateHardback2522006Between 1880 and 1914 England saw the emergence of an unprecedent..

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Recollections & Further Recollections of a Happy Life

Edition SynapseHardback038869Marianne North was the most popular and well-known lady-traveller in th..

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