Agricaltural Science

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Conservation Biological Control

Barbosa : WagnerAcademic PressPaperback035947NULL..

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CRC World Dictionary of Grasses

Umberto QuattrocchiCRC PressHardback240838808The remarkable work of a brilliant botanist and linguis..

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Design of Experiments for Agriculture and the Natural Sciences 2nd Edition

A. Reza HoshmandChapman & HallHardback45638777Useful as a text or reference, this book presents vari..

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Dictionary of Plant Lore,

D.C. WattsAcademic PressHardback039234NULL..

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Ecological Basis of Agroforestry

CRC PressHardback40039417Drawing on the collective expertise of world authorities in the field, this..

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T. ToshevaElsevierHardback79836617This dictionary contains terms covering the following fields and s..

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Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science

ArntzenAcademic PressHardback034669NULL..

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Encyclopedia of Pest Management, Volume II

----------CRC PressHardback78439264With contributions from more than 200 esteemed international auth..

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Evolution Of Plant Physiology

HemsleyAcademic PressHardback51238018Coupled with biomechanical data, organic geochemistry and cladi..

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Fair Trade

RoutledgeHardback24039173This book explores the challenges and potential of Fair Trade, one of the w..

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Fair Trade

RoutledgePaperback24039203This book explores the challenges and potential of Fair Trade, one of the ..

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Flora of Victoria Volume 4

T J EntwisleButterHeinem HSHardback100036434Volume four in this four volume series covers all native..

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Genetically Modified Organisms In Agriculture

NelsonAcademic PressHardback34436951Genetically modified crops have become a topic of great interest..

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GIS Applications in Agriculture

CRC PressHardback22439114As the first volume in a unique series concentrating on in-depth discussion..

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Grazing Management,

Vallentine Academic PressHardback65936800"Grazing animals need to be managed in order to accommodate..

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Growth Control in Woody Plants

Kozlowski - PallardyAcademic PressHardback035431NULL..

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Handbook Of Vegetable Pests

John CapineraAcademic PressHardback037043NULL..

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Hb Agriculture Crop Dry/Storage

CRC PressHardback039052..

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Integrated Resource Management

Kidd/PimentelAcademic PressHardback22333695Written to help bring agriculture's "Green Revolutio..

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PAOLETTIElsevierHardback46036495Reducing environmental hazard and human impact on different ecosyste..

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Nitrogen in the Environment 2nd Ed

Hatfield and FollettAcademic PressHardback72039688Nitrogen in the Environment provides a wholistic p..

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Piperonyl Butoxide

Glynne JonesAcademic PressHardback036039NULL..

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Seeds : Ecology, Biogeography And Evolution of Dormancy and Germi

Baskin Et AlAcademic PressHardback66635947Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography, and Evolution of Dormancy an..

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Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis, Second Edition

CRC PressHardback126439295Thoroughly updated and revised, this second edition of the bestselling Soi..

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Spider Mites,Volume 1B

HELLE *ElsevierHardback45831472"This two-part volume with contributions from more than 50 in..

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Stable Isotapes and Plant Carbon-Water Relations

Bernard SaugierAcademic PressHardback034304NULL..

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Systems Analysis Applied to Livestock Production

Thomas C. CartwrightCRC PressHardback039479With a focus on improving the efficiency of livestock pro..

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D. OhrnbergerElsevierHardback59636161The Bamboos of the World, is the first comprehensive (taxonomic..

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The Biochemistry of Plants Volume 14

Jack Preiss Academic PressHardback52932295. Rees, Hexose Phosphate Metabolism by Nonphotosynthetic T..

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The Biochemistry of Plants Volume 16

B. Miflin Academic PressHardback40233239This volume covers the most significant advances of the last..

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Transgenic Cotton,

Jia ShirongElsevierHardback038808NULL..

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Vascular Transport In Plants

HolbrookAcademic PressHardback038565NULL..

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Wood Chemistry

Eero Sjostrom Academic PressHardback29334029Wood Chemistry, Fundamentals and Applications, Second Ed..

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