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Lord Acton?s History of Liberty

George WatsonAshgate VariorumHardback1281994Herbert Butterfield once described Acton as 'by far the ..

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Lord Chesterfield

Colin FranklinAshgate VariorumHardback1641993This enjoyable narrative weaves together a new examinat..

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Lords of Misrule

A. TaylorPalgrave MacmillanHardback26438292Flamboyant, cultured and refined, aristocracy is often se..

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Luther's Heirs Define His Legacy

Robert KolbAshgate VariorumHardback3361996The transition from 'Reformation' to the settled forms of ..

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Lyell and Darwin Geologists

Martin J.S. RudwickAshgate VariorumHardback3342005The studies in this second volume by Martin Rudwic..

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Madness in Seventeenth-Century Autobiography

K. HodgkinPalgrave MacmillanHardback27239022What did it mean to be mad in seventeenth-century Englan..

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Magic and Divination in the Middle Ages

Charles BurnettAshgate VariorumHardback3841996After discussing the terminology of talismanic magic (..

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Making Histories


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Making History Now and Then

D. CannadinePalgrave MacmillanHardback40839600Collects twelve previously unpublished essays by one o..

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Making Scientific Instruments in the Industrial Revolution

A.D. Morrison-LowAshgateHardback4322007The making and selling of scientific instruments at the start..

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Manifestos for History

RoutledgePaperback25639295Manifestos for History is a thought provoking and controversial text that ..

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Manifestos for History

RoutledgeHardback25639295Manifestos for History is a thought provoking and controversial text that t..

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Manufacturing and Labour

Michael G. MoronyAshgateHardback3782003Manufacturing and Labour together with its companion volume ..

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Marco Polo?s Book

John CritchleyAshgate VariorumHardback2401993Marco Polo and his book may seem to have been well serv..

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Maritime Quarantine

John BookerAshgateHardback6442007As a maritime trading nation the issue of quarantine was one of co..

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Markets Trade and Economic Development in England and Europe 1050-1550

R. H. BritnellAshgateHardback330England's economy between 1050 and 1550 mirrored that of much of con..

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Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

J. KirkPalgrave MacmillanPaperback28839295Combining the latest scholarship with John Kirk's inf..

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Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

J. KirkPalgrave MacmillanHardback28839295Combining the latest scholarship with John Kirk's info..

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Medicine Charity and Mutual Aid

Anne Borsay and Peter ShapelyAshgateHardback2842007This book focuses on the recipients of charity r..

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Medicine and Charity in Georgian Bath

Anne BorsayAshgateHardback4981999Medicine and Charity in Georgian Bath offers a close and systematic..

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Medicine At The Border

A. BashfordPalgrave MacmillanHardback28838991This book explores the pressing issues of border contro..

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Medicine in a Multicultural Society

Luis Garc?a-BallesterAshgate VariorumHardback3902001The present collection by Professor Garc?a-Balle..

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Mediterranean Encounters Economic Religious Political 1100-1550

David AbulafiaAshgate VariorumHardback3702000This third volume by David Abulafia looks at the intera..

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Melancholy and the Care of the Soul

Jeremy SchmidtAshgateHardback2262007This book furthers our understanding of the issue of melancholy ..

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Memory and Memorials

William Kidd and Brian MurdochAshgateHardback2962004Memory and Memorials is based on papers given at..

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Men and Menswear

Laura UgoliniAshgateHardback3062007This book investigates the changing nature of the retailing of me..

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Mental Maps in the Era of Two World Wars

S. Casey, J. WrightPalgrave MacmillanHardback27239630This book explores the 'mental maps' ..

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Metals and Monies in an Emerging Global Economy

Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Gir?ldezAshgate VariorumHardback4041997The literature on early-modern mon..

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Method and Order in Renaissance Philosophy of Nature

Daniel A. Di Liscia Eckhard Kessler and Charlotte MethuenAshgateHardback4281997The volume results f..

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Metropolitan Catastrophes

Stefan Goebel and Derek KeeneAshgateHardback282Metropolitan Catastrophes: Scenarios Experiences and..

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Michelangelo and the English Martyrs

Anne DillonAshgateHardback230This book uses a broadsheet print of the martyrdom of the Cathusians of..

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Midwifery Obstetrics and the Rise of Gynaecology

Helen KingAshgateHardback2402007The Gynaeciorum libri a compendium of ancient and contemporary text..

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Migrants Servants and Slaves

Russell R. MenardAshgate VariorumHardback3182001Written by one of the leading economic historians of..

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Miners' Lung

Arthur McIvor and Ronald JohnstonAshgateHardback3742007Arthur McIvor and Ronald Johnston explore the..

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Miracles and Wonders

Michael E. GoodichAshgateHardback1602007In this absorbing book Michael Goodich explores the changin..

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Models of Piety

Luca Baschera Bruce Gordon and Christian MoserAshgateHardback232Models of Piety explores some of th..

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Moderate Voices in the European Reformation

Luc Racaut and Alec RyrieAshgateHardback2332005'Moderation' in Reformation Europe was in short suppl..

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Molotov: A Biography

D. WatsonPalgrave MacmillanHardback40038565This is the first comprehensive biography of Molotov and ..

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Money Prices and Power in Poland 16th-17th Centuries

Antoni Ma?zakAshgate VariorumHardback3121995The first articles in this volume focus on sources for t..

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Montecassino and Benevento in the Middle Ages

G.A. LoudAshgate VariorumHardback3342000This second volume by Graham Loud focuses on two key centres..

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Jonathan Riley-Smith Rudolf Hiestand and Benjamin Z. KedarAshgateHardback2961997The traditional s..

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Murder in the Tower

Alan WharamAshgateHardback2862001Murder in the Tower consists of fifteen chapters each giving an ac..

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Muslim Intellectual and Social History

Franz RosenthalAshgate VariorumHardback3361990This volume of articles by Professor Rosenthal is the ..

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Myth and Fiction in Early Norse Lands

Ursula DronkeAshgate VariorumHardback3281996The first group of essays in this volume explores the li..

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Myths of Renaissance Individualism

J. MartinPalgrave MacmillanHardback20038139The idea that the Renaissance witnessed the emergence of ..

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Myths of Renaissance Individualism

J. MartinPalgrave MacmillanPaperback20038838The idea that the Renaissance witnessed the emergence of..

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Narrative and History

A. MunslowPalgrave MacmillanPaperback20839264Narrative and History explains the key concepts and pra..

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Natural Law and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Europe

Lorraine Daston and Michael StolleisAshgateHardback350This impressive volume is the first attempt to..

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Naturalists and Society

D.E. AllenAshgate VariorumHardback3142001The author's aim in these essays which complement his pion..

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Naval Intelligence from Germany

Matthew S. SeligmannAshgateHardback6162007Through examination and illustration of the work of the la..

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