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Liam SemlerAshgateHardback1282003This facsimile edition reproduces the work titled Eliza's Babes whi..

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Maureen E. MulvihillAshgateHardback1562003This facsimile edition reproduces the extant works of the ..

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18th Century Literature

RoutledgeHardback039142The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on ma..

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A Black British Canon?

G. Low, M. Wynne-DaviesPalgrave-MacmillanHardback23238991This much-needed collection examines the fo..

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A Christopher Marlowe Chronology

L. HopkinsPalgrave-MacmillanHardback23238657This new Chronology offers a unique and accessible overv..

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A Counter-History of Crime Fiction

M. AscariPalgrave-MacmillanHardback24039326This book takes a look at the evolution of crime fiction...

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A Critical Companion to Spenser Studies

B. Van EsPalgrave-MacmillanHardback32838718This book provides an authoritative guide to debate on El..

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A Guidebook to Piers Plowman

A. BaldwinPulgrave-MacmillanHardback31239142This comprehensive guide works chronologically through t..

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A Guidebook to Piers Plowman

A. BaldwinPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback31239142This comprehensive guide works chronologically through ..

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A Henry James Chronology

E. HardenPalgrave-MacmillanHardback24838292This new volume in the Author Chronology series offers an..

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A James Joyce Chronology

R. NorburnPalgrave-MacmillanHardback24838108The Author Chronologies Series aims to provide a means w..

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A Katherine Mansfield Chronology

R. NorburnPalgrave-MacmillanHardback16839479This new addition to the Author Chronologies series deta..

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

M. WhitePulgrave-MacmillanHardback18439783This introductory guide to one Shakespeare's most rea..

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

M. WhitePulgrave-MacmillanPaperback18439783This introductory guide to one Shakespeare's most re..

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A Rossetti Family Chronology

A. Chapman, J. MeacockPalgrave-MacmillanHardback51239234This book focuses on Christina and Dante Gab..

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A Samuel Beckett Chronology

J. PillingPalgrave-MacmillanHardback28838808This is the most complete chronological account of Samue..

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A Sense of the World

RoutledgeHardback34639295A team of leading contributors from both philosophical and literary backgro..

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A Sense of the World

RoutledgeHardback34639295A team of leading contributors from both philosophical and literary backgro..

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A Wilkie Collins Chronology

W. BakerPalgrave-MacmillanHardback25639295This book builds on a critical and scholarly revival of in..

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A World of Difference

L. PrescottPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback32039630An international selection of 15 short stories by dist..

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A.C. Bradley on Shakespeare's Tragedies

J. BrownPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback17639022This guide helps students navigate A.C. Bradley's cl..

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A.C. Swinburne

Rikky RooksbyAshgateHardback3361997Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909) was one of the literary se..

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A.L. Kennedy

K. MitchellPulgrave-MacmillanHardback20039387This introduction places Kennedy's work in a clear..

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A.L. Kennedy

K. MitchellPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback20039387This introduction places Kennedy's work in a clea..

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Adolescence, America, and Postwar Fiction

R. McLennanPalgrave-MacmillanHardback23239753Arguing that metaphor and the figurative are central to..

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

G. Graff, J. PhelanPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback56038078"This critical edition is designed for ""teach..

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Aesthetic Hysteria

Ankhi MukherjeeRoutledgeHardback039264Aesthetic Hysteria is a deconstructive psychoanalytic study of..

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Agatha Christie

M. MakinenPalgrave-MacmillanHardback22438991Christie's books depict women as adventurous, indep..

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Agatha Christie: Power and Illusion

R. YorkPalgrave-MacmillanHardback18439264This study shows how she sought to reconcile her attachment..

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Alice Sutcliffe

Patrick CullenAshgateHardback2641996Alice Sutcliffe was married in 1624 (her birth and death dates a..

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Alicia D'Anvers

Robert C. EvansAshgateHardback1222003Born Alice Clarke the daughter of Oxford university's 'first d..

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Amey Hayward

Dana AspinallAshgateHardback1222003The Females Legacy is the only surviving work of Amey Howard abou..

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An Collins

Robert C. EvansAshgateHardback1302003An Collins' Divine Songs and Meditacions were first printed in ..

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An Edith Wharton Chronology

E. HardenPalgrave-MacmillanHardback16038626This new volume in the Author Chronology series illuminat..

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An Elizabeth Gaskell Chronology

G. HandleyPalgrave-MacmillanHardback28038322This chronology will set Elizabeth Gaskell in her histor..

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An Iris Murdoch Chronology

V. PurtonPalgrave-MacmillanHardback28039387Iris Murdoch was the author of twenty-six bestselling nov..

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Katharine BriggsRoutledgePaperback30439203..

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And the Ass Saw the Angel

Nick CavePenguin BooksPaperback32033086This novel tells the story of Euchrid Eucrow, the product of ..

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Andrew Marvell Chronology

N. MaltzahnPalgrave-MacmillanHardback33638565This work provides a comprehensive account of the life ..

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Androgyny in Modern Literature

T. HargreavesPalgrave-MacmillanHardback21638292Androgyny in Modern Literature engages with the ways ..

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Angela Carter

S. GamblePalgrave-MacmillanHardback24838687By the time of her death in 1992, Angela Carter had come ..

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Anglo-Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust

P. LassnerPalgrave-MacmillanHardback23639661In its analysis of Anglo-Jewish women writing the Holoca..

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Anna Hume

Thomas P. Roche Jr.AshgateHardback1662006Little is known of Anna Hume except as the translator of th..

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Anna Weamys

Marea MitchellAshgateHardback2352005The title page of the 1651 continuation of Sir Philip Sidney's A..

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Anne Margaret and Jane Seymour

Brenda HosingtonAshgateHardback2082000Despite the fame their work brought them and despite the impo..

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Anne Askew

John N. KingAshgateHardback2881996Anne Askew (1521-1546) was accused of heresy because of her denial..

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Anne Campbell

Theresa LamyAshgateHardback1802006The religious historical and rhetorical significance of the Confe..

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Anne Cooke Bacon

Valerie WayneAshgateHardback4742000Anne Cooke Bacon was highly educated and was known for her abilit..

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Anne Killigrew

Patricia HoffmannAshgateHardback1382003During Anne Killigrew's lifetime (1660-1685) most of her know..

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Anne Phoenix

David ComoAshgateHardback3102006Unfamiliar today The saints legacies... by Anne Fenwick (pseudonym ..

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