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A Legal and Political Interpretation of Article 215 (2) [New Article 288 (2)] of the Treaty of Rome

Constantin Stefanou and Helen XanthakiAshgate DartmouthHardback2462000This volume of essays provides..

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A Prescription for Dignity

Michael L. PerlinAshgateHardback288MacCormick's `Institutions of Law' is the culmination of a lifeti..

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Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships

Nestor M. Davidson and Robin Paul MalloyAshgateHardback192This book is the first to fully examine th..

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Anglo-American Insanity Defence Reform

Faye BolandAshgate DartmouthHardback2041999The European Convention on Human Rights is the most succe..

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Aristotle and Modern Law

Richard O. Brooks and James Bernard MurphyAshgate DartmouthHardback7222003The essays contained withi..

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Aristotle's Ethics and Legal Rhetoric

Frances J. RanneyAshgateHardback2122005Organ transplantation has been one of the miracles of modern-..

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AS Law

Andrew MitchellRoutledge-CavendishPaperback38438991..

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Audit in a Democracy

Paul NicollAshgateHardback2342005Exploring the role of public sector audit in emerging democracies a..

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Battling Terrorism

Jackson Nyamuya MaogotoAshgateHardback2182005This exceptional and timely volume examines the use of ..

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Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior

Gail S. AndersonCRC PressHardback33639022> This groundbreaking work fundamentally questions the way ..

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction, Third Edition

Tom BevelCRC PressHardback44039539The third edition of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an Introduct..

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Capitalising on Punishment

Anette BallingerAshgateHardback224This book examines the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in hu..

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Cavendish: Contract Lawcards


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Cavendish: Tort Lawcards


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Changing Law

Rosemary Hunter and Mary KeyesAshgateHardback2002005Prosecutors are the most powerful actors in the ..

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Cicero and Modern Law

Richard O. BrooksAshgateHardback542Cicero and Modern Law contains the best modern writings on Cicero..

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Cold Case Homicides

CRC PressHardback67238869Addressing methods particularly valuable to cold cases, Cold Case Homicides..

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Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice and Procedure

Dana S. SeetahalRoutledge-CavendishPaperback48038899..

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Comparative Legal Linguistics

Heikki MattilaAshgateHardback3642006This book examines legal language as a language for special purp..

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Comparing and Classifying Legislatures

RoutledgeHardback25639234This is a new review of the state of our knowledge of parliament and tackle..

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Comparing Legal Cultures

David NelkenAshgate DartmouthHardback2821997This volume cross-examines mainstream approaches to stud..

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Complex Dispute Resolution 3 Volume Set

Carrie Menkel-MeadowAshgateHardback1500The field of conflict studies has grown exponentially in the ..

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Conflict of Laws

Richard G. FentimanAshgate DartmouthHardback6261996..

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Constitutionalism and Democracy

Richard BellamyAshgateHardback6222006In an era of unprecedented change in criminal justice around th..

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Judith PryorBirbeck Law PressHardback25639295Bringing a postcolonial perspective to UK constitutiona..

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Judith PryorBirbeck Law PressPaperback25639295Bringing a postcolonial perspective to UK constitution..

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Contemporary Issues in the Modern Law of Tort

Paula GilikerAshgateHardback318This book addresses the key questions facing modern tort law from a c..

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Contract, Tort & Remedies 2007-2008

Routledge-CavendishPaperback26439326Previously published by Old Bailey Press as the Cracknell's..

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Copyright and Creative Freedom

Mira T. Sundara RajanRoutledgeHardback038930..

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Corruption and the Secret of Law

Monique Nuijten and Gerhard AndersAshgateHardback2342007This volume presents a critical anthropologi..

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Courts and Social Transformation in New Democracies

Roberto Gargarella Pilar Domingo and Theunis RouxAshgateHardback3282006This volume examines the ro..

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Credit Rationing and Asymmetrical Information

Stefania CosciAshgate DartmouthHardback1441993..

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Crime Laboratory Management

William J TilstoneCRC PressHardback039508..

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Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator

Warren J. Sonne, BCPI, CLICRC PressHardback18438718Aimed at the busy professional who aspires to bec..

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Crisis and Change

Sandra ResodihardjoAshgateHardback242This book provides the first full-length examination of the pol..

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Death Investigation

Randy Hanzlick, M.D.CRC PressPaperback18439052Moving systematically from general definition to thoro..

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Defining Civil and Political Rights

Alex Conte and Richard BurchillAshgateHardback368This book provides an up-to-date comprehensive ana..

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Deliberation and Decision

Anne van Aaken Christian List and Christoph LuetgeAshgateHardback2942004Gender and Rights presents ..

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Deliberative Democracy and its Discontents

Samantha Besson and Jose Luis MartiAshgateHardback2942006Drawing on political legal national post..

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Democracy Law and National Security in Israel

Menachem HofnungAshgate DartmouthHardback3441996The focus of this work is to analyze the conflict be..

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Democracy in the Courts

Marijke MalschAshgateHardback240This book analyses the legality of the use of force by the US the U..

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Democracy Through Law

Johan SteynAshgateHardback3342004This volume deals with the politics economics and effects of globa..

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Derrida and Law

Pierre LegrandAshgateHardback593This volume gathers together sixteen seminal articles all written b..

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Dimensions of Terrorism

Alan O'DayAshgateHardback5462004Even though democracy is essentially a political concept and one tha..

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Dispute Processing and Conflict Resolution

Carrie Menkel-MeadowAshgate DartmouthHardback5402003This excellent volume examines the legal implica..

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Domestic Violence

Richard L. DavisCRC PressHardback26439508Domestic Violence: Intervention, Prevention, Policies, and ..

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Drafting Legislation

Constantin Stefanou and Helen XanthakiAshgateHardback3202008Drafting Legislation sets out to prove S..

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Driving Offences

Sally CunninghamAshgateHardback2702008This volume examines general driving offences concentrating o..

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Election Law and Democratic Theory

David SchultzAshgateHardback298This book examines preferential debts derived from specific legislati..

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Emerging Legal Certainty: Empirical Studies on the Globalization of Law

Ali Cem Budak and Volkmar GessnerAshgate DartmouthPaperback4721998The right of self-determination af..

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