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Ensuring Competent Performance in Forensic Practice

Keith HadleyCRC PressHardback25639387This is the first book of its kind to encourage a common unders..

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Epistemic Uncertainty and Legal Theory

Brian Burge-HendrixAshgateHardback210Using Hurricane Katrina as a lens this volume addresses the pr..

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Epistemology and Method in Law

Geoffrey SamuelAshgate DartmouthHardback4102003Geoffrey Samuel questions the widely held assumption ..

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Equity & Trusts Q&A 2006-2007

Mohamed RamjohnRoutledge-CavendishPaperback32038808Clarifying the mysteries surrounding the study of..

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Equity and Trusts

Alastair HudsonRoutledge-CavendishPaperback131239295An authoritative reference and comprehensive int..

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Essential Contract Law

Geoff MonahanRoutledge-CavendishPaperback20039173Part of the very successful Australian Essentials s..

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Exploiting the Limits of Law

?sa Gunnarsson Eva-Maria Svensson and Margaret DaviesAshgateHardback2442007This book represents a c..

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Feder's Succeeding as an Expert Witness, Fourth Edition

Harold A. FederCRC PressHardback21639569Feder's Succeeding as an Expert Witness revives a class..

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Federal Antitrust and EC Competition Law Analysis

Femi AleseAshgateHardback5582008This book provides the reader with a comprehensive analysis of US Fe..

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Forensic Nursing

Kelly PyrekCRC PressHardback66438718Using a case study approach, Forensic Nursing illustrates import..

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Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology for Criminal and Civil Cases

CRC PressHardback99239387Integrating discussions of modern psychological and neuropsychological test..

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From Dissonance to Sense: Welfare State Expectations Privatisation and Private Law

Thomas Wilhelmsson and Samuli HurriAshgate DartmouthHardback6561999Current themes in housing are exp..

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Gender and the Open Method of Coordination

Fiona Beveridge and Samantha VellutiAshgateHardback2262008`The New Europe' considers the post-totali..

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Gender Perceptions and the Law

Christine R. Barker Elizabeth A. Kirk and Monica SahAshgate DartmouthHardback1581998This collection..

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Geographic Information Systems in Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation and Counterterrorism, Second Edition

Mark R. LeipnikCRC PressHardback039845Geographic Information Systems in Law Enforcement, Criminal In..

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Global Trafficking in Women and Children

CRC PressHardback27239417This book provides a powerful analysis of the circumstances that contribute..

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Government Participation in Privatisation

Michael B.Likosky and Joy E. MooberryAshgateHardback224As governments again take a more proactive ro..

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Handbook for Death Scene Investigators, Second Edition

Scott A. WagnerCRC PressPaperback039630Covering all aspects of death scene investigation, this handb..

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Handbook of Juvenile Justice

CRC PressHardback73638838The Handbook of Juvenile Justice provides an overview of the juvenile justi..

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Handbook of Police Administration

CRC PressHardback47239356Covering areas such as leadership in policing, use of force, and legislativ..

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Heaven Forbid

Anne-Marie Mooney CotterAshgateHardback320This study provides a representation of the broad spectrum..

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Hobbes on Law

Claire FinkelsteinAshgate DartmouthHardback6022005Diverse perspectives including comparative struct..

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Images in Law

Anne Wagner and William PencakAshgateHardback3282006Presenting perspectives on legal theory and prac..

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Indigenous Sovereignty and the Democratic Project

Steven CurryAshgate DartmouthHardback1922004This fully revised and updated second edition of Consume..

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Informants and Undercover Investigations

Dennis G. FitzgeraldCRC PressHardback42839083Informants and Undercover Investigations is a comprehen..

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Insurgent Terrorism

Gerald CromerAshgateHardback5422006The essays in this volume are based on the premise that the most ..

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Intention in Law and Philosophy

Ngaire Naffine Rosemary Owens and John WilliamsAshgate DartmouthHardback3922001The D-Notice system ..

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International Handbook of Penology and Criminal Justice

CRC PressHardback80039356The first comparative study of the subject, this book provides a comprehens..

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International Migration and Global Justice

Satvinder JussAshgateHardback3502006How should international law approach the critical issue of move..

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Interpretation of Contracts

Catherine MitchellRoutledge-CavendishPaperback17639203Short and concise, this valuable reference too..

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Interpretation of Contracts

Catherine MitchellRoutledge-CavendishHardback17639203Short and concise, this valuable reference tool..

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Interrogation and Confession

Ian BryanAshgate DartmouthHardback3481997Interrogation and Confession looks closely at the interroga..

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Introduction to Classical Legal Rhetoric

Michael H. FrostAshgateHardback1702005This volume provides a broad range of seminal articles on tran..

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Judicial Review in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Rajendra RamloganRoutledge-CavendishPaperback34438991Bringing together cases and materials on judici..

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Just War - 3 Volume Set

Gerry SimpsonAshgateHardback1500This three volume set would apply just war theory (broadly defined t..

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Just War - Volume I

Gerry SimpsonAshgateHardback500This three volume set would apply just war theory (broadly defined to..

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Just War - Volume II

Gerry SimpsonAshgateHardback500This three volume set would apply just war theory (broadly defined to..

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Just War - Volume III

Gerry SimpsonAshgateHardback500This three volume set would apply just war theory (broadly defined to..

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Kant and Law

B. Sharon Byrd and Joachim HruschkaAshgate DartmouthHardback6022006These volumes assemble in easily ..

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Law Modernity Postmodernity

Brendan EdgeworthAshgateHardback3142003Among the first to consider post-communist Europe from the po..

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Law & Space Telecommunications

Francis LyallAshgate DartmouthHardback4481989This book is designed to analyse the response of the la..

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Law and Agonistic Politics

Andrew SchaapAshgateHardback256Human rights are at the heart of UNESCO?s work in the fields of educa..

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Law and Body Politics

Jo Bridgeman and Susan MillnsAshgate DartmouthHardback3281995The book examines the legal control exe..

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Law and Democracy

Tom Campbell and Adrienne StoneAshgate DartmouthHardback5722003Some law students find jurisprudence ..

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Law and Faith in a Sceptical Age

Anthony BradneyRoutledge-CavendishHardback18439814Law and Faith in a Sceptical Age is an analysis of..

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Law and Morality

Kenneth Einar Himma and Brian BixAshgateHardback5242005This important volume brings together many of..

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Law and Order

Mariana ValverdeRoutledge-CavendishPaperback19238930In an innovative departure from the much-studied..

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Law and Order

Mariana ValverdeRoutledge-CavendishHardback19238961In an innovative departure from the much-studied ..

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Law and Psychology

Martin Lyon LevineAshgate DartmouthHardback5721995..

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