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Plato and Modern Law

Richard O. BrooksAshgateHardback7102007These essays reflect the important contribution made by socio..

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Police and Policing Law

Jeannine BellAshgateHardback6042006Law and Morality is organized around five conceptual issues: clas..

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Policing Volumes I and II

Robert ReinerAshgate DartmouthHardback12181996The International library of Criminology Criminal Jus..

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Policy and Pragmatism in the Conflict of Laws

Michael J. Whincop and Mary KeyesAshgate DartmouthHardback2462001This compelling book traces the cul..

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Political Parties and Elections

Anika GaujaAshgateHardback240This volume presents a critical anthropological perspective on the hidd..

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Positivism Today

Stephen GuestAshgate DartmouthPaperback1661996This work is by teachers of Jurisprudence within the F..

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Postmodernism and Law

Helen M. StacyAshgate DartmouthHardback2122001This book assesses the impact of the rules of Communit..

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Postmodernism and Law

Dennis PattersonAshgate DartmouthHardback4641994This volume of papers brings together the work of la..

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Postmortem Investigation of Mass Killings

Michael S. PollanenCRC PressHardback039508Postmortem Investigation of Mass Killings: Forensic Pathol..

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Practical Aspects of Managing Mass Fatalities

Robert C ShalerCRC PressHardback039508..

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Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation

CRC PressHardback42439630..

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Practical Fire and Arson Investigation, Third Edition

David R. RedsickerCRC PressHardback039873Practical Fire and Arson Investigation, Third Edition conti..

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Practical Homicide Investigation

Vernon J. GeberthCRC PressHardback107238749Renowned for being the definitive source of homicide inve..

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Pragmatism and Law

Michal AlbersteinAshgate DartmouthHardback3762002The second volume of Effective Strategies for Prote..

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Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, Third Edition

CRC PressHardback039814The third edition of this perennial bestseller continues to cover the princip..

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Raymond WacksAshgate DartmouthHardback10461993Traditional criminal law scholarship has been concerne..

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Private Law in Theory and Practice

Routledge-CavendishHardback33639052Private Law in Theory and Practice explores important theoretical..

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Peter KincaidAshgate DartmouthHardback3842001A collection of some of the most significant and influe..

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Denis GalliganAshgate DartmouthHardback7441992..

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Product Liability Law in Transition

Magdalena TulibackaAshgateHardback288This volume examines the evolution of Central European product ..

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Promoting Integrity

Brian W. Head A.J. Brown and Carmel ConnorsAshgateHardback272Taking Australia as a case study that..

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Roger Matthews and Maggie O'NeillAshgate DartmouthHardback6562003Social Citizenship in the Shadow of..

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Protocols for the Analysis of Solid Dose Drugs in Forensic Science

Robert ParsonsCRC PressHardback039508Protocols for the Analysis of Solid Dose Drugs in Forensic Scie..

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Psychological Expertise in Court

Joel D. Lieberman and Daniel A. KraussAshgateHardback192This book provides an up-to-date comprehens..

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Psychology and Law

David Canter and Rita ?ukauskieneAshgateHardback2762008Including international contributions from la..

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Psychology and Law

David Canter and Rita ?ukauskieneAshgatePaperback2762008Including international contributions from l..

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Q&A Contract Law 2007-2008

Richard StoneRoutledge-CavendishPaperback27239173Providing invaluable assistance to all those facing..

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Q&A Torts 2007-2008 7/e

Jason LowtherRoutledge-CavendishPaperback24839326..

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Rape: A Philosophical Investigation

Keith Burgess-JacksonAshgateHardback2561996This is the first book-length philosophical examination o..

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Reason and Authority

Aulis AarnioAshgate DartmouthHardback3181997A treatise on the background philosophy of law legal th..

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Regulatory Communities and the Spaces of Online Censorship

Scott BeattieAshgateHardback208This book explores how spaces are constructed on the terrestrial and ..

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Relocating Sovereignty

Neil WalkerAshgateHardback5782006These essays focus on the study of the ethical issues related to co..

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Steven Tudor and Michael ProeveAshgateHardback240This volume breaks new ground by approaching Social..

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Renascent Pragmatism

Alfonso MoralesAshgate DartmouthHardback2782003In this book the law and values of the law are exten..

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Restorative Justice

Heather Strang and John BraithwaiteAshgate DartmouthHardback2402000This path-breaking collection of ..

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Rethinking Legal Need

Paul RobertshawAshgate DartmouthHardback2721991..

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Rousseau and Law

Thom BrooksAshgateHardback4642005Bringing together some of the most innovative and important researc..

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Rules of Law and Laws of Ruling

Franz von Benda-Beckmann Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Julie EckertAshgateHardback304In a protracte..

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Safeguarding Nuclear Waste

Vincent CusackAshgateHardback208This volume discusses the issues surrounding the concept of multinat..

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Saved from Oblivion: Interdependence Theory in the First Half of the 20th Century

Jaap de WildeAshgate DartmouthHardback3041991The author of this important new book states that there..

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Schools: An Education in Charity Law

Debra MorrisAshgate DartmouthHardback2801996This book the first of its kind provides a detailed st..

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Science in Court

Michael Freeman and Helen ReeceAshgateHardback2161998The International library of Criminology Crimi..

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Science in Court

Michael Freeman and Helen ReeceAshgatePaperback2161998Analyzing the role of constitutional governanc..

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Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents, Second Edition

CRC PressHardback46438808First published in 1956, and revised as technology improved, this is the bi..

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Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation

John J. LentiniCRC PressHardback60838718Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation provides compreh..

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Security Interests in Mobile Equipment

Iwan DaviesAshgate DartmouthHardback5622002Turning words into social reality is a function of law an..

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Security Officers and Policing

Mark ButtonAshgateHardback2282007This book examines the legal tools available to private security of..

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Serious Candidates?

Mary AtwellAshgateHardback272Employing a comparative historical approach and drawing on a variety of..

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