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A Guide to The Companies Act 2006

Saleem SheikhRoutledge-CavendishPaperback92839479A handy guide to the Company Law Reform Act 2007, p..

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A Patients Right to Know

Sheila A.M. McLeanAshgate DartmouthHardback1921995Security Interests in Mobile Equipment consists of..

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A Re-examination of Corporate Governance

Richard S. ZiolkowskiAshgateHardback304This book reflects upon the mass of research relating to corp..

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A Social History of Company Law

Rob McQueenAshgate DartmouthHardback250The aim of the book is to provide an historical and a bottom ..

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An Economic and Jurisprudential Genealogy of Corporate Law

Michael J. WhincopAshgate DartmouthHardback2662001The essays in this volume reflect several importan..

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Artificial Legal Intelligence

Pamela N. GrayAshgate DartmouthHardback4241997The jury finds itself under attack ? on the right for..

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Banks in Crisis

Andrew Campbell and Peter CartwrightAshgate DartmouthHardback2322002Analyzing the pressures for chan..

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Behind the Mask

John PatersonAshgate DartmouthHardback3742000Questions of human rights changes in social structures..

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Bridging the Entrepreneurial Financing Gap

Michael J. WhincopAshgate DartmouthHardback2242001A collection of important essays on the consequenc..

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Business Law PB

SmithButterHeinem HSPaperback38435612"Business Law is a readable, easy to understand textbook cover..

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Cavendish: Business Lawcards


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Cavendish: Commercial Lawcards


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Cavendish: Company Lawcards


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Cavendish: Employment Lawcards


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CIMA Official Learning System Fundamentals of Ethics Corporate Governance and Business Law 3rd Ed

Mead et alCIMA PublishingPaperback55239646The Learning System has been written specifically for the ..

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Commercial Agency Law

S?verine SaintierAshgate DartmouthHardback2922002Cyberspace Crime brings together key texts that hav..

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Company Directors' Responsibilities to Creditors

Andrew KeayRoutledge-CavendishPaperback42438991Comprehensively examining directors? responsibilities..

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Company Directors' Responsibilities to Creditors

Andrew KeayRoutledge-CavendishHardback42439022Comprehensively examining directors? responsibilities ..

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Company Law

J. Dine, M. KoutsiasPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback41639264Company Law is a complete and accessible guid..

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Company Law

Sally WheelerAshgate DartmouthHardback4581993..

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Company Law in East Asia

Roman TomasicAshgate DartmouthHardback7161999As company law in many parts of Asia experiences dramat..

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Company Law,

SmithButterHeinem STPaperback32236373Company Law is essential reading for business and law students..

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Compensation for Industrial Disease

N.J. WikeleyAshgate DartmouthHardback2401993..

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Competition Law

Rosa GreavesAshgate DartmouthHardback6502003This volume features important essays by leading contemp..

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Constitutional and Administrative Law

J. AlderPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback60839142Constitutional and Administrative Law provides a comprehe..

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Consumer Law in the Global Economy

Iain RamsayAshgate DartmouthHardback3941997This book which represents a selection of essays from th..

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Consumer Product Safety

Geraint G. HowellsAshgateHardback3981998Using a comparative framework to examine the laws relating t..

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Consumer Protection in the Age of the 'Information Economy'

Jane K. WinnAshgateHardback4662006This volume considers the impact of technological innovation on th..

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Contract and Control in the Entertainment Industry

Steve Greenfield and Guy OsbornAshgate DartmouthHardback2181998Contract and Control in the Entertain..

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Contract and Economic Organisation

David Campbell and Peter Vincent-JonesAshgateHardback2781996The chapters in this volume reflect the ..

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Contract Law

E. McKendrickPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback52039203Contract Law introduces the current debates about th..

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Core Statutes on Company Law 2008-09

C. ErvinePulgrave-MacmillanPaperback76039661Company law has recently undergone a radical overhaul wi..

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Core Statutes on Employment Law 2008-09

D. LauterburgPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback38439661Employment law is a fast-moving area of law and a po..

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Core Statutes on Insolvency Law and Corporate Rescue 2008-09

J. TribePulgrave-MacmillanPaperback28039630Containing an expert summary of statute from early law to..

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Corporate Financial Policy and Taxation

Mariateresa FioccaAshgate DartmouthHardback1421990Satellite communications have been with s for some..

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Corporate Governance in Government Corporations

Michael J. WhincopAshgate DartmouthHardback2582004This informative volume presents papers from a ran..

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Corporate Law

William W. BrattonAshgate DartmouthHardback4942000Recent years have witnessed an increase in the att..

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Corporatism and the Myth of Consensus

Roger BobackaAshgate DartmouthHardback2042001Combining the latest work of leading sentencing and pun..

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Crime and Political Economy

Ian TaylorAshgateHardback5381998Hardly a day goes by without some sensational media report on the ne..

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Criminal Law

J. HerringPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback50439114This text provides a readable, comprehensive and access..

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Critical Beings

Peter Fitzpatrick and Patricia TuittAshgate DartmouthHardback2462004This book offers an intriguing e..

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Critical Company Law

Lorraine TalbotRoutledge-CavendishPaperback40039295Examining the Companies Act 2006 and tracing the ..

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Cyber Consumer Law and Unfair Trading Practices

Cristina CoteanuAshgateHardback2562005This compilation of key materials in international environment..

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Dare to Call it Treason

Charles SampfordAshgate DartmouthHardback250This book consists of nine essays which consider the rel..

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Deconstructing the Reconstruction

Dina Francesca HaynesAshgateHardback3382008This volume provides an up-to-date account of development..

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EC Consumer Law

Geraint G. Howells and Thomas WilhelmssonAshgate DartmouthHardback4721997This book describes the dev..

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EC Consumer Law

Geraint G. Howells and Thomas WilhelmssonAshgate DartmouthPaperback4721997This book describes the de..

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Electronic Commerce

David PoytonAshgateHardback336This volume analyses the law and policy related to Electronic Commerce..

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Electronic Commerce and International Private Law

Lorna E. GilliesAshgateHardback2862008Examining the maximization of consumer protection via the cons..

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Employer Liability for Workplace Trauma

Des ButlerAshgate DartmouthHardback2302002In this informative and captivating book the author presen..

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