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A Concrete Introduction to Real Analysis

Robert CarlsonChapman & HallHardback31238838Drawing from the history of mathematics and practical ap..

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A Course in Ordinary Differential Equations

Randall J. SwiftChapman & HallHardback66739022Featuring real-world applications from engineering and..

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Analytical Methods for Markov Semigroups

Luca LorenziChapman & HallHardback52638899Analytical Methods for Markov Semigroups provides a compre..

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Analytical Methods in Transmutation Theory with Applications

Sergei Michailo SitnikChapman & HallHardback038869..

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Applied Vector Analysis, Second Edition

Matiur RahmanCRC PressHardback37639356Suitable for a one semester course, Applied Vector Analysis fo..

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Capillary Flows with Forming Interfaces

Yulii Damir ShikhmurzaevChapman & HallHardback48039326This self-contained book explores various theo..

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Chemical Calculations

Paul YatesCRC PressPaperback38439114An ideal reference for undergraduate chemistry students from a w..

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Complex Variables

Steven G. KrantzChapman & HallHardback44039356From the algebraic properties of a complete number fie..

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Computable Calculus

Oliver AberthAcademic PressHardback19237043"Computable Calculus" treats the fundamental topic of cal..

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Contexts of Learning Mathematics and Science

RoutledgeHardback44838808A presentation of research results from an international study into the wid..

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Culturally Specific Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom

Jacqueline LeonardRoutledgePaperback20739417Intended for teacher educators, researchers, and upper-..

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Robert BriganticElsevierHardback39238169This book contains papers divided into three general section..

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Differential Equations

Chapman & HallPaperback30438869Differential Equations: Inverse and Direct Problems presents a collec..

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Differential Equations with Maple V,

Martha AbellAP ProfessionalPaperback036434NULL..

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Differential Equations with Mathematica,

Martha AbellAcademic PressHardback87638018The Third Edition of the Differential Equations with Mathe..

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Discrete Chaos, Second Edition

Chapman & HallHardback44039387While maintaining the lucidity of the first edition, this book now inc..

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Dynamics of Third-Order Rational Difference Equations with Open Problems and Conjectures

Elias CamouzisChapman & HallHardback57639387This book focuses on the boundedness nature of solutions..

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Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, with ODE Architect CD, 8th Edition

William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrimaJohn Wiley & SonsHardback80038534This revision of the market-lea..

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Elements of Matrix Modeling and Computing with MATLAB

Robert E. WhiteChapman & HallHardback40238961This book covers a number of topics in linear algebra t..

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Elements of Real Analysis

M.A. Al-GwaizChapman & HallHardback43638961Focusing on one of the main pillars of mathematics, Eleme..

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Elliptic Curves

Chapman & HallHardback53639539..

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Envelopes and Sharp Embeddings of Function Spaces

Dorothee D. HaroskeChapman & HallHardback22238961For the first time in book form, this work presents..

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Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials

Ever J. BarberoCRC PressHardback36039295By layering detailed theoretical and conceptual discussions ..

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Formula Funding of Public Services

Peter C. SmithRoutledgeHardback038961Written by a leading international expert, and including intern..

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Foundations for the Future in Mathematics Education

RoutledgeHardback48839114The central question addressed in Foundations for the Future in Mathematics..

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Foundations for the Future in Mathematics Education

RoutledgePaperback48839114The central question addressed in Foundations for the Future in Mathematic..

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Fourier Transform Spectrometry

Sumner DavisAcademic PressHardback26237012Fourier Transform Spectrometry is of immediate use to thos..

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Free and Moving Boundaries

Chapman & HallPaperback47239295Featuring contributions from international experts, Free and Moving B..

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Fundamental NumberTheory with Applications, Second Edition

Richard A. MollinChapman & HallHardback38439508..

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Geometric Algebra and Applications to Physics

Venzo de SabbataTaylor & FrancisHardback18439052Bringing geometric algebra to the mainstream of phys..

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Handbook of Finite Translation Planes

Norman JohnsonChapman & HallHardback88839114Completing a three-volume work by the authors, this hand..

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Handbook of Linear Algebra

Chapman & HallHardback140039022The Handbook of Linear Algebra provides comprehensive coverage of lin..

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Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

Andrei D. PolyaninChapman & HallHardback154439052Covering the main fields of mathematics, this handb..

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Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Second Edition

Dambaru BhattaChapman & HallHardback72838991Integral transforms are used throughout mathematics, sci..

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Introduction to Asymptotic Methods

Jan AwrejcewiczChapman & HallHardback27238838Introduction to Asymptotic Methods introduces mathemati..

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Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability Instructors Manual

RoussasAcademic PressHardback46238749This book provides in a concise, yet detailed way, the bulk of ..

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Introduction to Modern Cryptography

Jonathan KatzChapman & HallHardback55239326This text provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of..

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Introduction to Number Theory

Martin EricksonChapman & HallHardback53639356Highlighting both fundamental and advanced topics, this..

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Introductory Analysis

BagbyAcademic PressHardback20136708Introductory Analysis addresses the needs of students taking a co..

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Isometries in Banach Spaces

Richard J. FlemingChapman & HallHardback24839417A continuation of the authors? previous book,this vo..

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Land Rights, Ethno-nationality and Sovereignty in History

RoutledgePaperback41638808This book will appeal to economic historians, economists, political scient..

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Language Development for Maths

Marion NashDavid Fulton PublishersPaperback14438718..

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Materials for Conservation

HORIEButterw HeinemNot Required25638473..

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Math Concepts for Food Engineering, Second Edition

Richard W. HartelCRC PressPaperback25639508With numerous problems and solutions, this text builds ma..

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Mathematica by Example,

Martha AbellAcademic PressPaperback57137987This third edition of Mathematica by Example is completel..

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Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence, Volume 250

Chapman & HallHardback20838869Bringing together experts from physics, applied mathematics, and engin..

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Mathematical Physics

S.D. JoglekarCRC PressPaperback039203The first of a two-volume set, Mathematical Physics: The Basics..

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Mathematical Physics

S.D. JoglekarCRC PressPaperback039203Mathematical Physics: Advanced Topics is the second of a two-vo..

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Mathematics Education

RoutledgeHardback160039417A new title in the Routledge series, Major Themes in Education, this Major..

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