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Abelian Groups, Rings, Modules, and Homological Algebra

Chapman & HallPaperback36038718Featuring contributions from leading international experts, Abelian G..

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Abstract Algebra

Paul B. GarrettChapman & HallHardback47239356In addition to standard introductory material on the su..

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Algebraic Groups and Number Theory

Vladimir PlatonovAcademic PressHardback61434304This milestone work on the arithmetic theory of linea..

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An Introduction to Quasigroups and Their Representations

Jonathan D. H. SmithChapman & HallHardback35239022An Introduction to Quasigroups and Their Represent..

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Applications of Abstract Algebra with Maple and MATLAB, Second Edition

Richard E. KlimaChapman & HallHardback52838899With the incorporation of MATLAB?, this second edition..

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Applications of Linear Algebra

Fred Szabo Academic PressHardback267???-00This book introduces interested readers, practitioners, an..

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Applied Algebra

Darel W. HardyChapman & HallHardback039845..

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Applied Algebra: Codes, Ciphers and Discrete Algorithms, Second Edition

Darel W. Hardy, Fred Richman,Carol L. WalkerChapman and HallHardback48039845Covers topics from algeb..

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Certain Number-Theoretic Episodes In Algebra

R SivaramakrishnanChapman & HallHardback63238991Focusing on the interconnections between number theo..

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Classes of Modules

John DaunsChapman & HallHardback23238869Classes of Modules demonstrates that in the next generation ..

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CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica, Second Edition

Chapman & HallHardback55639022With almost 1,000 illustrations of curves and surfaces, this comprehen..

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Direct Sum Decompositions of Torsion-Free Finite Rank Groups

Theodore G. FaticoniChapman & HallHardback34439142Direct Sum Decompositions of Torsion-Free Finite R..

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Elementary Linear Algebra,

Stephen AndrilliAcademic PressHardback037926NULL..

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Elementary Linear Algebra, 4th Edition

Stephen Andrilli, David HeckerAcademic PressHardcover76840210Elementary Linear Algebra develops and ..

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Group Representation Theory

EFPL PressHardback039114After the pioneering work of Brauer in the middle of the 20th century, many ..

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Groups, Rings and Group Rings

Chapman & HallPaperback36838718This book is a collection of research papers and surveys on algebra t..

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Andrilli & HeckerAcademic PressPaperback038961NULL..

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Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

Arthur Sagle Academic PressPaperback36131625NULL..

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Lab Manual for Linear Algebra

Szabo Academic PressHardback664???-00Linear Algebra: An Introduction With Mathematica uses a matrix-..

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Linear Algebra

Larry E. KnopChapman & HallHardback60039508As an alternative to traditional textbooks on the subject..

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Linear Algebra & Linear Operators in Engineering

Davis/ThomsonAcademic PressHardback036708NULL..

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Linear Algebra with Maple

Szabo Academic PressHardback726????-01Linear Algebra: An Introduction Using MAPLE is a text for a fi..

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Linear Algebra with Maple

Fred Szabo Academic PressPaperback300???-01..

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Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications

Chapman & HallPaperback55238718With contributions derived from presentations at an international con..

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Non-Unique Factorizations

Alfred GeroldingerChapman & HallHardback72838718This monograph-the first of its kind-presents the cu..

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Noncommutative Geometry and Cayley-smooth Orders

Lieven Le BruynChapman & HallHardback59239326This book explains the theory of Cayley-smooth orders i..

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Representation Theory and Higher Algebraic K-Theory

Aderemi KukuChapman & HallHardback44238991This definitive resource is the first book to present high..

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Student Solutions Manual For Elementary Linear Algebra

Andrilli et alAcademic PressPaperback037987NULL..

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Vertex Operators Algebras and the Monster Volume 134

Igor FrenkelAcademic PressHardback032629NULL..

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Virtual Topology and Functor Geometry

Fred Van OystaeyenChapman & HallPaperback16839417This work explores new aspects of virtual topology ..

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