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35th Clinical Aphasiology Conference

Psychology PressPaperback28838808Included in this issue are papers that have been peer reviewed and ..

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A Practical Approach to Obstetric Anesthesia

BucklinLippincott & WilkinsPaperback55239692Organized by region with organ subsystems as appropriate..

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A Practical Approach to Pediatric Anesthesia

HolzmanLippincott & WilkinsPaperback72039600 ..

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A Practical Approach to Regional Anesthesia

MulroyLippincott & WilkinsPaperback44839569This chart also graphically represents time periods of se..

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Access and Inclusion Issues with Aphasia

Psychology PressPaperback13639083This special issue of Aphasiology examines the issues of access and..

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Advances in Anaesthesia volume 21


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Advances in Anesthesia,24

Carol LakeSaunders LtdHardback240???-06..

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Anaesthesia and Intensive Care A-Z, 4th Edition

Yentis, Hirsch & SmithChurchill LivingstonePaperback58439814New edition of a popular encyclopaedia o..

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Anesthesia and Analgesia in Dermatologic Surgery

Informa HealthcareHardback039479Providing a clear foundation to correctly utilize anesthesia and ana..

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Anesthesiology Keywords Review

ModakLippincott & WilkinsPaperback52839569"Perfect for students and patients, this easy-to-understan..

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Sanjay DattaMosbyHardback035156NULL..

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Antigen-Presenting Cells and the Eye

Informa HealthcareHardback25639295In recent years the importance of antigen-presenting cells and the..

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Asthma in the Workplace, Third Edition

Informa HealthcareHardback90438749Addressing every key component of occupational asthma-including di..

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Atopic Dermatitis, Second Edition

Informa HealthcareHardback039845..

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Bronchial Vascular Remodeling in Asthma and COPD

Informa HealthcareHardback23338930Responding to the growth of research in the field over the past de..

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Cardiac, Vascular, and Thoracic Anesthesia

John YoungbergChurch LivingstHardback100836434NULL..

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Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Informa HealthcareHardback36839203Rhinosinusitis is increasing in prevalence and incidence, and has ..

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Clinical Aphasiology

Psychology PressHardback37639203This book presents a collection of cutting edge work from leading re..

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Clinical Pharmacology for Anaesthetists,

J. BovillBailliere TindPaperback46436434NULL..

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Complications of Regional Anesthesia

Brendan FinucaneChurch LivingstHardback27236312NULL..

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Concise Clinical Immunology for Healthcare Professionals

Mary KeoganRoutledgeHardback46038777This text focuses on clinical problems seen in practice. It incl..

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Concise Clinical Immunology for Healthcare Professionals

Mary KeoganRoutledgePaperback46038777This text focuses on clinical problems seen in practice. It inc..

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Critical Care Medicine

Vincent & Brimioulle-Churchill LivingstoneHardback11239814This book is a quick reference pocket guid..

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Epstein-Barr Virus

Informa HealthcareHardback43238777Filling a gap in the literature, this guide analyzes EBV infection..

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Essentials of Neuroanesthesia and Neurointensive Care,

Arun Gupta52,9939600318PaperbackThe information you really need! This title in the Essentials of Ane..

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Ethnic Skin and Hair

Informa HealthcareHardback28839022Ethnic Skin and Hair defines and reviews the differences in skin a..

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Fever of Unknown Origin

Informa HealthcareHardback26439203Assisting clinicians in the differential diagnosis of the wide ran..

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Free Radicals in Ophthalmic Disorders

Informa HealthcareHardback039508..

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Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Anesthesia

Informa HealthcareHardback45638991This resource stands as the only authoritative text to specificall..

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Genetics of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Informa HealthcareHardback41438961Responding to the substantial growth that has taken place in the f..

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Gynecologic Decision Making

Roger SmithSaundersPaperback27236923NULL..

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Handbook for Anesthesia and Coexisting Disease,

Roberta HinesSaunders LtdPaperback608????-08"""This is the peerless authority you trust...the portab..

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Head and Neck Manifestations of Systemic Disease

Informa HealthcareHardback58439295This book provides a great wealth of the most current information ..

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Heart Disease and the Surgical Patient

Informa HealthcareHardback40039142Cardiac complications are a leading cause of death after surgery. ..

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HIV and Aging

Informa HealthcareHardback039508..

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Interventional Pain Management: Image-Guided Procedures,

P. Prithvi RajSaunders LtdHardback640???-08Thoroughly revised and reorganized, this 2nd edition offe..

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Low Flow Anaesthesia,

Jan BaumButterHeinem STHardback30336861NULL..

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Mayo Clinic Analgesic Pathway

Robert L. LennonInforma HealthcarePaperback038869Resolving to expedite the recovery process, this DV..

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Mayo Clinic Procedural Training Manual - DVD

Robert L. LennonInforma HealthcareDVD038869A full-color companion to the information found in Mayo C..

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Miller's Anesthesia Online,

Ronald MillerChurch LivingstDigital/Multi M038261NULL..

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Monitoring in Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine

Casey BlittChurch LivingstHardback81834639NULL..

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Neurologic, An Issue of Critical Care Clinics,24-1

Robert StevensSaunders LtdHardback240???-08There are several fields in acute/critical neurologic ill..

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Nonallergic Rhinitis

Informa HealthcareHardback50439022Compiled by an internationally recognized team of contributors, th..

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Obstetric Anesthesia and Uncommon Disorders

David GamblingSaundersHardback40035796NULL..

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Paediatric Anesthesia

George GregoryChurch LivingstHardback037165NULL..

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Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia in Trauma

Andrew RosenbergSaundersHardback46436434NULL..

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