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ACLS Interactive! CD Rom

MosbyMosbyCD ROM037956NULL..

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Acute Coronary Syndrome


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Adult Interventional Cardiology

Angela Hoye, Patrick SerruysJohn Wiley & SonsHardcover22439661This concise and clinically oriented t..

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Atlas of Cardiovascular Pathology


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Atlas of Heart Diseases (Volume 6)

Eugene BraunwaldMosbyHardback035096NULL..

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Atrial Fibrillation, An Issue of Cardiology Clinics, Volume 27-1

Thakur & NataleSaundersHardback24039814Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common sustained arrhyth..

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Braunwald's Heart Disease Review and Assessment,

Leonard LillySaunders LtdPaperback167???-08The new edition of this popular study guide provides a cu..

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Cardiac Intensive Care


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Cardiac Stress Testing and Imaging

Thomas MarwickChurch LivingstHardback63835370NULL..

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Cardiovascular Health and Disease in Women


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Cardiovascular Nursing Secrets,

Leslie DavisMosbyPaperback560???-08"""Part of the Nursing Secrets Series, Cardiovascular Nursing Sec..

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Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

JosephsonLippincott & WilkinsHardback91239600"Now in its Third Edition, this practical guide succes..

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Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Hypertension,25

Gordan McInnesChurchill LivingstoneHardback608???-08This volume reviews comprehensively the present ..

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Concise Cardiology: An Evidence-Based Handbook

DanielsLippincott & WilkinsPaperback22439569"Now available in Spanish, this visual and textual overv..

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Current Cardiovascular Drug Therapy

Franz MesserliSaundersHardback174435278NULL..

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Diastolic Dysfunction and Heart Failure, An Issue of Heart Failure Clinics,4-1

Mani VannanSaunders LtdHardback0???-08As many as 50% of older patients with heart failure may have i..

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Allan KleinSaunders LtdHardback464???-08"""This reference thoroughly equips you to successfully diag..

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Drugs for the Heart,


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Echo Made Easy, 2nd Edition

KaddouraChurchill LivingstonePaperback24039814This best-selling and highly-praised book provides a p..

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Essential Cardiology

Clive RosendorffSaundersPaperback88036800NULL..

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Evidence-based Managment of the Acute Coronary Syndrome

Roque PifarreHanley & BelfusHardback49037135NULL..

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Exercise and the Heart

Froelicher, MyersSaundersHardback41636434NULL..

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Handbook of Antihypertensive Therapy,

Marc HoustonHanley & BelfusPaperback19236678NULL..

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Heart Failure

KatzLippincott & WilkinsHardback38439692Major sections cover pharmacology and physiology, antepartum..

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Hypertensive Disorders in Women

Baha SibaiSaundersPaperback25536951NULL..

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Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine

Robert StackChurch LivingstHardback98937165NULL..

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Intracardiac Echocardiography in Interventional Electrophysiology

Andrea NataleInforma HealthcareHardback15838808The first text dedicated to intracardiac echocardiogr..

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Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine

GriffinLippincott & WilkinsPaperback102439722Prepared by the American Heart Association, this popula..

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Pocket Guide To Electrocardiography

ConoverMosbyHardback368???-04This pocket-sized reference provides the latest guidelines on arrhythmi..

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Practical Cardiology

EagleLippincott & WilkinsPaperback72039569"Now available in Spanish, this visual and textual overvie..

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Practical Clinical Electrophysiology

ZimetbaumLippincott & WilkinsHardback32039722This Second Edition was edited by Drs. Joseph Alpert an..

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Rapid ACLS on PDA - CD-ROM PDA Software,

Barbara AehlertMosbyPDA CD ROM038200NULL..

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Rapid Ecg Interpretation 2e

M. Gabriel KhanSaundersPaperback037865NULL..

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Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography

Catherine OttoSaundersHardback46436434NULL..

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Textbook of Interventional Cardiology,

Eric TopolSaundersHardback115237591NULL..

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The AHA Mentoring Handbook

American Heart AssociationLippincott & WilkinsPaperback19239722Based on Memmler's The Human Bod..

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The Cardiology Intensive Board Review Question Book

ChoLippincott & WilkinsPaperback38439692"This new addition to our highly successful A Practical Appr..

€63.00 Ex Tax: €63.00

The Cardiovascular System, 2nd Edition

Alan Noble, Robert Johnson, Alan Thomas, Paul BassChurchill LivingstoneSoftcover19240210This is an i..

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The ECG in Emergency Decision Making

Wellens / ConoverSaundersPaperback26433543NULL..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €50.00

The Textbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care and CPR

FieldLippincott & WilkinsHardback64039722Based on Memmler's The Human Body in Health and Diseas..

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Tratado de Medicina Cardiovascular

TopolLippincott & WilkinsHardback160039600This edition includes new information on the forced oscil..

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Vascular Biology In Clinical Practice

Marc HoustonHanley & BelfusPaperback225???-01This up-to-date easy to understand handbook spans the g..

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