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Acute Head Injuries

David HardyButterworth-HeinemannPaperback40???-02The aim of this booklet is to bridge the gap betwee..

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Attention Deficit Disorder

CRC PressHardback40839022..

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Basic Neurochemistry CD

George SiegelAcademic PressCD ROM038718NULL..

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Brain Tumors

Informa HealthcareHardback55738991Emphasizing new and emerging therapies in each chapter, this refer..

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Clinical Autonomic Disorders

LowLippincott & WilkinsHardback76839692Dado el ?xito de ediciones anteriores del Tratado de Gastroen..

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Clinical Handbook of Sleep Disorders

Antonio CulebrasButterHeinem STPaperback56035339NULL..

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Clinical Neurology CD-ROM,

David NichollChurch LivingstCD ROM037865NULL..

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Clinical Neurology of Rheumatic Diseases

Richard RosenbaumButterHeinem STHardback54435370NULL..

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Clinical Trials in Neurologic Practice

Jos? BillerButterHeinem STHardback44836861NULL..

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Computing the Brain,

Michael ArbibAcademic PressHardback036982NULL..

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Critical Care Neurology

David MillerButterHeinem STHardback44036312NULL..

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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease

Informa HealthcareHardback34939142Considered the largest breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson?..

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Charles Duyckaerts24039600976Hardback"This volume in the HANDBOOK OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY (Series Edit..

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Diabetic Neuropathy

Peter DyckSaundersHardback57636100NULL..

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Group Treatment of Neurogenic Communication Disorders

ELMANButterworth-HeinemannPaperback180???-99Discover the theory and efficacy behind group treatment ..

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Handbook of Dementing Illnesses, Second Edition

Informa HealthcareHardback54438869An up-to-date survey of the major dementing disorders, this guide ..

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Handbook of Dystonia

Informa HealthcareHardback44039022As many as 250,000 people in the United States have dystonia, maki..

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Handbook of Neuro-Oncology Neuroimaging,

Herbert NewtonAcademic PressHardback039387NULL..

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Headache Disorders

Alan RapoportSaundersHardback17635125NULL..

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Larry R. SquireAcademic PressDVD / video038443NULL..

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SquireAcademic PressDVD / video038504NULL..

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Larry R. SquireAcademic PressDVD / video038443NULL..

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Hospitalist Neurology

Martin SamuelsButterHeinem STHardback70436220NULL..

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Interventional Neuroradiology

Informa HealthcareHardback44039356Crossing the boundaries of classically delineated medical and surg..

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Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations

Informa HealthcareHardback49639022Offering expert recommendations and selected color illustrations, ..

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Intractable Focal Epilepsy

John OxburySaundersHardback91636678NULL..

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Introduction to Clinical Neurology

Douglas GelbButterHeinem STPaperback41636678NULL..

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Informa HealthcareHardback42439203Minimally invasive procedures are increasingly utilized and are re..

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Mitochondrial Disorders in Neurology

Anthony SchapiraButterworth-HeinemannHardback288???-02Gain practical explanations of the science und..

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Models of Seizures and Epilepsy

PITKANENAcademic PressNot Required038626NULL..

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Molecular Neurology,

Stephen WaxmanAcademic PressHardback039264NULL..

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Mosbys Colour Atlas Text of Neurology

G. David PerkinMosbyPaperback35237288NULL..

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MRI of the Brain

Vimal PatelSaundersHardback32035462NULL..

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Neural Tube Defects

Informa HealthcareHardback29639114Neural tube defects (NTDs) are one of the most common birth defect..

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Neurobiology of Disease,

Sid GilmanAcademic PressHardback039022NULL..

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Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

Gregory CasinoButterHeinem STHardback32835370NULL..

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Neuroimaging, An Issue of Neurologic Clinics, Volume 27-1

MechtlerSaundersHardback24039814Continuous advances in neurologic treatment strategies make apprehen..

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Neurologic Complications in Organ Transplant Recipients

Eelco WijdicksButterHeinem STHardback27236220NULL..

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Neurological Aspects of Substance Abuse

John BrustButterHeinem STHardback30434243NULL..

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Neurology and Trauma

Randolph EvansSaundersHardback68835186NULL..

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Neurology Board Review

Informa HealthcareHardback100339173Preparing the reader for the written portion of the Neurology Boa..

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Neuromuscular Case Studies,

Tulio Bertorini11139539632HardbackIn this unique book, Dr. Bertorini guides you through more than 10..

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Neuromuscular Disorders: Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests

Tulio BertoriniButterHeinem STHardback40037500NULL..

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Neurons in Action 2: Tutorials and Simulations using NEURON

J. Moore, A. StuartSinauer AssociatesCD-ROM1039203This software stimulates the student's learni..

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Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology,88

Georg GoldenbergChurchill LivingstoneHardback608???-08"""This is a volume in the Handbook of Clinica..

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Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation

Laurie Lundy-EkmanSaundersHardback48037316NULL..

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Non-Epileptic Seizures

John GatesButterHeinem STHardback33636526NULL..

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