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-Fundamental Concepts & Skills for Nursing - Text and Mosby's Dictionary of Medical, Nursing & Health Professions 8e Package, 3rd Edition

deWit & MosbySaundersPackage039814This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nursing s..

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A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

FischbachLippincott & WilkinsPaperback134439600"Fully revised and updated for its Fourth Edition, D..

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A Nurse's Survival Guide to the Ward,

Ann RichardsChurchill LivingstonePaperback464???-08"""This book has been prepared by professionals w..

€28.99 Ex Tax: €28.99

A Practical Guide To Health Assessment

LeasiaSaundersPaperback54037316This step-by-step, illustrated guide shows readers how to take a heal..

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Aacn Electronic Procedure Manual


€1,229.00 Ex Tax: €1,229.00

Aacn Procedure Manual for Critical Care


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Anatomy & Physiology 5e


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Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy!

SpringhouseLippincott & WilkinsPaperback38439600A companion Website will offer an online test bank...

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Anatomy & Physiology,

Gary ThibodeauMosbyHardback112037591NULL..

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Asthma Management for Practice Nurses

HylandChurch LivingstPaperback23235977NULL..

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Balliere's Midwives' Dictionary

Denise TiranBailliere TindallPaperback344????-03"""Bailliere's Midwives Dictionary"""" has long..

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Basic Dysrhythmias Text & Pocket Guide


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Basic Nursing - Text with FREE Study Guide Package

POTTERMosbyPromotion pack13638626NULL..

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Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, Tenth Edition: International Edition

BickleyLippincott & WilkinsHardback99239783The Tenth Edition of the pre-eminent textbook on physical..

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Bates' Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking

BickleyLippincott & WilkinsPaperback41639783"This concise pocket-sized guide presents the classic Ba..

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Biological Aspects of Mental Health Nursing,

Rinomhota,S.Churchill LivingstonePaperback240???-00"""This outstanding resource provides a broad ove..

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Calculations for Nursing and Healthcare

D. Coben, E. Atere-RobertsPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback13638626Maths can be an unnecessary source of a..

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Cancer Nursing Practice

Nora KearneyChurchill LivingstonePaperback224???-00This book presents a synthesis of important issue..

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Cardiac Diagnostic Tests.

Sharon VanRiperSaundersPaperback35235431NULL..

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Cardiac Nursing

Richard HatchettChurch LivingstHardback62437165NULL..

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Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy!

SpringhouseLippincott & WilkinsPaperback35239569The book contains over 12,000 terms and includes a s..

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Child, Youth and Family Nursing in the Community,

Margaret BarnesChurchill LivingstonePaperback272???-07"""This title aims to: situate child and famil..

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Children's and Young People's Nursing in Practice

V. Coleman, L. Smith, M. BradshawPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback44838961This innovative textbook uses PB..

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Chronic Pain

Marcus MunafoButterHeinem STPaperback19236586NULL..

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Citizens, Consumers and the NHS

C. HoggPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback22439753Exploring the story of user involvement in the NHS over th..

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Clinical Adviser 2004 Book & Cd-rom Pack

Fred FerriMosbyBook&PDA on CD1537???-03Comprehensively updated annually, Ferri's Clinical Advis..

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Clinical Adviser 2005 , Text, CD-ROM and PDA Software Package

Fred FerriMosbyBook&PDA on CD0???-04"""Ferris Clinical Advisor 2005 provides the busy physician with..

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Clinical Companion to Maternal-Infant Nursing Care

Elizabeth DickasonMosbyPaperback30035855NULL..

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Ruth RawlinsMosbyPaperback40133939NULL..

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Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques

Perry & PotterMosbyPaperback136037956NULL..

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Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy!

SpringhouseLippincott & WilkinsPaperback44839600Audiology, Hearing Loss, and Communication Disorder..

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Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants

BonewitSaundersHardback78936586This text has always been a bestseller for Saunders, and is the leadi..

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Clinical Skills Made Incredibly Easy! UK Edition

HastingsLippincott & WilkinsPaperback38439661..

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Clinical Supervision in Practice

V. BishopPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback20839022This practice-focused new edition of Clinical Supervisio..

€31.00 Ex Tax: €31.00

Clinical Supervision Made Easy,

Van OoijenChurchill LivingstonePaperback320???-03Many supervisors lack clear direction regarding the..

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Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Critical Care CD

Patricia BennerSaundersCD ROM037073NULL..

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Communication Skills for Nursing Practice

C. McCabe, F. TimminsPulgrave-MacmillanPaperback22438961Communication Skills for Nursing Practice fo..

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Community Health Nursing

Watkins et alBailliere TindallPaperback384???-03This new edition of a highly successful key textbook..

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Contemporary Nursing

Cherry JacobMosbyPaperback60837257NULL..

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Contemporary Nursing,

Barbara CherryMosbyPaperback67238353NULL..

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Contemporary Practical/Vocational Nursing

KurzenLippincott & WilkinsPaperback51239722"Part of the new Medical Assisting Made Incredibly Easy s..

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Core Curriculum Ambulatory Care Nursing


€70.00 Ex Tax: €70.00

Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing


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Coronary Heart Disease and Risk Factor Management

Nalini JairathSaundersHardback31536281NULL..

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Coronary Heart Disease Prevention,

Grace LindsayChurchill LivingstonePaperback344???-03"""Review quote """"An excellent handbook which ..

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Crash Course: Foundation Doctor's Guide to Medicine and Surgery,

Miles Witham32,9939508272PaperbackThe world of medical training moves on and, to reflect these chang..

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Creating Nursing's Future


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Critical Care Nursing in a Flash

SpringhouseLippincott & WilkinsSpiral41639600Major sections focus on approach to the pediatric pati..

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