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Psychological Experiments on the Internet

BirnbaumAcademic PressHardback036617NULL..

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Psychological Management of Physical Disabilities

RoutledgePaperback29639083Service providers know how important psychological factors are.  This..

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Psychological Management of Physical Disabilities

RoutledgeHardback29639083Service providers know how important psychological factors are.  This ..

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R. Griggs Worth PublishersPaperback43239539Updated 2nd edition of this clear and brief introduction ..

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D. Schacter, D. Gilbert, D. Wegner Worth PublishersHardback70039508This highly anticipated new intro..

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P. Gray Worth PublishersHardback62438869This introductory text explores Psychology's major theo..

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D. Myers Worth PublishersHardback74038808The 8th edition of this excellent introductory Psychology t..

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D. Hockenbury, S. Hockenbury Worth PublishersHardback76838534With their extensive teaching and writi..

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Psychology and Law

Ronald Roesch and Nathalie GagnonAshgateHardback5582007Thinking through the Eye is a collection of 1..

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Psychology and the Internet,

Jayne GackenbachAcademic PressPaperback038991NULL..

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Psychology for Inclusive Education

RoutledgePaperback19239479A study of the ways in which modern psychological theory can be used to su..

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Psychology in Action

David CanterAshgateHardback3481996Napoleon Bonaparte celebrated his conquest of Egypt in 1798 by com..

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Psychology IUPsyS Global Resource

Psychology PressCD-ROM038838Published as part of the International Journal of Psychology, and distri..

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Psychology of Academic Cheating,

Eric AndermanAcademic PressHardback039022NULL..

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Psychology of Aging

Martin Orrell and Aimee SpectorAshgateHardback426With over 150 stunning examples by the three master..

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Psychology of Learning and Motivation,48

Aaron BenjaminAcademic PressHardback039387NULL..

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Psychology of Music,

DeutschAcademic PressPaperback036039NULL..

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Psychology Online Study Center Access Card

D. Myers Worth PublishersDigital039753The Online Study Centre helps students to set up a personalise..

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Psychology plus Scientific American Reader

D. Myers Worth PublishersHardback70238292The story of psychology captured and retold for an uninitia..

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Psychology Study Guide

D. Schacter, D. Gilbert, D. Wegner Worth PublishersPaperback52839630Following the main text?s conten..

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Psychology: IUPsyS Global Resource CD-ROM

Psychology PressCD-ROM039203Published as part of the International Journal of Psychology , and distr..

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Psychopathology and the Family,

Jennifer HudsonElsevierHardback038626NULL..

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Psychotherapy and Medication

Fredric BuschAnalytic PressHardback17739234..

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PsychSim 5.0

T. Ludwig Worth PublishersCD-ROM038200Award-winning software from Thomas Ludwig that brings a wide r..

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Quantifying Behavior the JWatcher Way

D. Blumstein, J. DanielSinauer AssociatesPaperback16039264Quantifying Behavior the JWatcher Way prov..

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Race, Culture, and Schooling

Peter C. Murrell, Jr.RoutledgePaperback23239234Responding to a need for greater cultural competence ..

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Race, Culture, and Schooling

Peter C. Murrell, Jr.RoutledgeHardback23239234Responding to a need for greater cultural competence i..

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Rape Investigation Handbook,

Brent TurveyAcademic PressHardback038353NULL..

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A. KennedyElsevierHardback036739NULL..

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Readings About the Social Animal

E. Aronson Worth PublishersPaperback53239356This collection of classic and contemporary articles on ..

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Refiguring Self and Psychology

Kenneth J. GergenAshgateHardback2881993Reproducing large sections of the original folio, this is the..

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Relational Psychoanalysis 3 Volume Set

Analytic PressPaperback039203This 3 volume set includes Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of ..

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Relational Psychoanalysis, Volume 3

Analytic PressPaperback33039142Relational Psychoanalysis: New Voices is especially a forum for new r..

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Relational Psychophysics in Humans and Animals

Viktor SarrisPsychology PressHardback17638838Relational Psychophysics in Humans and Animals offers a..

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D.N. WeisstubElsevierHardback036069NULL..

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DevaloisAcademic PressHardback036617NULL..

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Self-Injurious Behavior in Intellectual Disabilities ,2

Johannes RojahnElsevierHardback039387NULL..

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Sensuality and Sexuality Across the Divide of Shame

Joseph D. LichtenbergAnalytic PressPaperback16039356..

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Sensuality and Sexuality Across the Divide of Shame

Joseph D. LichtenbergAnalytic PressHardback16039356..

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Serial Crime,

Wayne PetherickAcademic PressHardback038657NULL..

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Sex Differences

MealeyAcademic PressHardback036617NULL..

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Shame and Sexuality


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Shame and Sexuality


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Shooting Incident Reconstruction,

HaagAcademic PressHardback038718NULL..

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Single-Word Reading

Psychology PressHardback56039295As the first title in the new series, New Directions in Communicatio..

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Social Cognition and Aging

HessAcademic PressHardback036312NULL..

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Statistical Method for Meta-Analysis

Larry HedgesAcademic PressHardback031229NULL..

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Stress, Trauma and Substance Use

RoutledgeHardback19239508This collection of innovative chapters has been written by cutting edge res..

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Student CD-ROM t/a Developing Person Through Lifespan

K. Berger Worth PublishersCD-ROM138169Student CD t/a Developing Person Through Lifespan. Please see ..

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