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Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel

Gary PendleburyAshgateHardback2222006This anthology includes the best recent writings on Nietzsche. ..

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Action Learning

Krystyna WeinsteinAshgatePaperback2561998Our daily experiences at work provide us with endless oppor..

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Action Learning at Work

Alan MumfordAshgateHardback4301997In this book Professor Mumford himself a leading exponent of Acti..

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Action Learning for Results

Ash Quarry Productions Pty LtdAshgateDVD02005This film describes the basics of action learning and w..

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Action Learning in Practice

Mike PedlerAshgateHardback4481997Since it first appeared in 1983 Action Learning in Practice has es..

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Activism in the Public Sphere

Wayne ClarkAshgateHardback2122000Drawing upon fieldwork conducted with Amnesty International, the La..

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Activities for Public Sector Training

Mary GriffithsAshgateA4Paperback3681995Most of the resource material published for trainers is set i..

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Activity Based Management

Brian PlowmanAshgateHardback2562001This book explains the power of using ABM to increase the profita..

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Ad Quadratum

Nancy Y. WuAshgateHardback2902002Considering practical geometry and how it may have been applied in ..

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Adam Smith

Knud HaakonssenAshgateHardback5661998Charting new territory in the interface between science and eth..

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Adam Smith: Optimist or Pessimist?

James E. AlveyAshgateHardback3342003Presenting an ethnographic assessment of cooperative and competi..

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Adams of Fleet Street Instrument Makers to King George III

John R. MillburnAshgateHardback4422000?G. Adams in Fleet Street London? is the signature on some of ..

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Adaptations of Calvinism in Reformation Europe

Mack P. HoltAshgateHardback2662007The essays in this volume highlight the different paths Calvinism ..

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Adapting Housing for People with Disabilities

Jack Rostron and Murray A. FordhamAshgateHardback1041996The authors explore the market-based approac..

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Adapting to EU Multi-Level Governance

Christos Paraskevopoulos, Panagiotis Getimis and Nicholas ReesAshgateHardback3202006Much of the lite..

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Adapting to the Stage

Christopher GreenwoodAshgateHardback2062000The American novelist and playwright Henry James was dr..

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Addressing CDM Regulations Through Quality Management Systems

Brian ThorpeAshgateHardback1661999This book pinpoints the real benefits to be gained from developing..

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Adjustment Poverty and Employment in Mexico

Araceli Dami?nAshgateHardback2862000Analyzing the poverty trends in Mexico during the 1980s and earl..

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Adjustment in Africa

Ishrat Husain and Rashid FaruqeeAshgateHardback4461996Case studies of Burundi C?te d Ivoire Ghana..

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Administering Targeted Social Programs in Latin America

Margaret E. GroshAshgateHardback1821996Using case studies of 30 social programs from 11 Latin Americ..

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Administration Ethics and Democracy

?jvind LarsenAshgateHardback1402000A comprehensive study of the diffusion and effective use of ICT i..

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Administrative and Management Theory

John B. MinerAshgateHardback4541995Administrative and management theory is a product of practitioner..

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Administrative Reform and National Economic Development

Kuotsai Tom LiouAshgateHardback3162000Taking as its focus the consequences of privatization for the ..

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Adolescent Girls and their Friends

Vivienne GriffithsAshgateHardback2061995This book provides a detailed account of friendship between ..

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Adoption, Social Work and Social Theory

Tim O'ShaughnessyAshgateHardback2881994This book offers a unique comparison of the situation of..

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Adoptive Parenthood in Hong Kong

Grace Po-chee KoAshgateHardback2582001Drawing on an ethnographic study of the adoption community, th..

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Adorno and the Modern Ethos of Freedom

Colin HearfieldAshgateHardback1882004..

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Adrian IV The English Pope (1154-1159)

Brenda Bolton and Anne J. DugganAshgateHardback3602003The year 2000 witnessed the 900th anniversary ..

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Adrian Willaert and the Theory of Interval Affect

Timothy R. McKinneyAshgateHardback296Individual subscriptions: ?£65 per volume (each volume comprise..

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Adult Learning Principles

Ash Quarry ProductionsAshgateDVD02007Are you involved in designing or delivering training and educat..

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Adults, Qualifications and Social Change

Alison FullerAshgateHardback208Why have qualifications for adults grown in importance over the last ..

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Advanced Project Management

Frederick Harrison and Dennis LockAshgateHardback3322004When Advanced Project Management first appea..

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Advanced Sales Techniques

Ash Quarry ProductionsAshgateDVD02007This programme shows how to overcome six typical challenges fac..

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Advancement in Organizational Behaviour

Timothy ClarkAshgateHardback3941997A collection of essays written to celebrate the distinguished car..

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Advancement in Organizational Behaviour

Timothy ClarkAshgatePaperback3941997A collection of essays written to celebrate the distinguished ca..

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Advances in Household Economics, Consumer Behaviour and Economic Policy

Tran Van HoaAshgateHardback1962005Bringing together top international researchers this volume provid..

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Advancing Sustainability at the Sub-National Level

Eran FeitelsonAshgateHardback2562004Urban sprawl has become one of the key planning issues. Bringing..

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Advocacy Skills

Neil BatemanAshgatePaperback1761995In part 1, this research project investigates the problems experi..

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Aerospace Clinical Psychology

Raymond E. KingAshgateHardback1321999'Aerospace Clinical Psychology' provides a blueprint ..

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Aerospace Strategic Trade

Philip K. Lawrence and Derek BraddonAshgateHardback1742001"Aerospace Strategic Trade presents a bala..

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Aesthetics and Environment

Arnold BerleantAshgateHardback1782005The authors bring The Republic to life. The first chapters help..

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Aesthetics and Photography

Jonathan FridayAshgateHardback1862002In Meaning and Structure, Peregrin argues that recent and conte..

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Aesthetics and Rock Art

Thomas Heyd and John CleggAshgateHardback3442005Do animals have moral rights? If so, which ones? How..

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Aesthetics of Fraudulence in Nineteenth-Century France

Scott CarpenterAshgateHardback200Focusing particularly on the aesthetics of fraudulence in works by ..

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Aesthetics, Imagination and the Unity of Experience

R.K. Elliott, Paul CrowtherAshgateHardback2162006Philosophy is textual - it is written and it is rea..

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Affirmative Action in a Sectarian Society

John EdwardsAshgateHardback1381995In recent decades, marriage has constantly declined, divorce has s..

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Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships

Nestor M. Davidson and Robin Paul MalloyAshgateHardback192This book is the first to fully examine th..

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Africa and Fortress Europe

Belachew GebrewoldAshgateHardback2082007This volume examines the extent to which the EU is threatene..

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Africa and the New Globalization

George Klay Kieh, Jr.AshgateHardback2062008This book focuses on the 'new globalization', t..

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Africa and the War on Terrorism

John DavisAshgateHardback2002007Abject poverty and official corruption make parts of Africa a very a..

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