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"Managing ""Live"" Innovation"

SYRETT MButterHeinem HSPaperback20036130Managing Live Innovation examines the innovation process fro..

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A Guide to Neural Computing Applications

Lionel TarassenkoButterHeinem HSHardback16035796Neural networks have shown enormous potential for co..

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Accounting and Finance for the International Hospitality Indus

Peter HarrisButterHeinem HSPaperback35235643Top experts specializing in hospitality management have ..

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Accounting for Business

HARVEYButterHeinem HSPaperback46436800'Accounting for Business' is ideal for undergraduate..

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 A to Z

ANDREWSButterHeinem HSPaperback19238473Offering the perfect combination of power and simplicity Phil..

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Adsorption Technology & Design

THOMAS CRITTENDENButterHeinem HSHardback28835827Adsorption is of considerable industrial importance ..

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Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers

WINTERBOURNE, DButterHeinem HSPaperback40035370"Although the basic theories of thermodynamics are ad..

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Air Conditioning Application and Design

JONESButterHeinem HSHardback40035400Intended for advanced students of building services, this practi..

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Aircraft Performance: Theory and Practice

ESHELBYButterHeinem HSPaperback036586This CD contains the complete and unabridged texts of the follo..

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Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques

Graham SmillieButterHeinem HSPaperback31236251The rapid expansion of digital communications, particu..

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Anlysis - (Modular Mathematics Series)

Ekkehard KoppButterHeinem HSPaperback20035278Building on the basic concepts through a careful discus..

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Applied Electronics

John MorrisButterHeinem HSPaperback17635370This book provides a sound introduction to basic electron..

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Applying Mathematics in Construction

Antoinette TourretButterHeinem HSPaperback11235551This book and its accompanying Teacher's Pack..

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Architecture, Technology and Process

ABELButterHeinem HSPaperback35238200"This new selection of essays follows Chris Abel's previous..

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ATM and Internet Protocol

M. BentallButterHeinem HSPaperback16835916Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a protocol that allows..

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Benchmarking for Best Practice

MOHAMED ZAIRIButterHeinem HSPaperback51235827Benchmarking for Best Practice uses up-to-the-minute ca..

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Best Practice

ZAIRIButterHeinem HSHardback42336161Best Practice: Process Innovation Management highlights best pra..

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Biological Oceanography: An Introduction

Carol LalliButterHeinem HSPaperback32035521This popular undergraduate textbook offers students a fir..

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Body Massage for the Beauty Therapist

GOLDBERGButterHeinem HSPaperback30435278The beauty therapist, increasingly called upon to administer..

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Building In Value: Pre-Design Issues

BESTButterHeinem HSPaperback38736373The concept of value in projects is a key issue for everyone inv..

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Business Finance

MORRIS P BURNS PButterHeinem HSPaperback9034394"Using the successful pictorial style, which made ""T..

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Business Law PB

SmithButterHeinem HSPaperback38435612"Business Law is a readable, easy to understand textbook cover..

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Business of Conferences

---------ButterHeinem HSPaperback22435916For managers, students and conference professionals this ti..

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Business of Hotels

MEDLIK AND INGRAMButterHeinem HSPaperback24036647The fully revised edition of this well-known text b..

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Business Studies Made Simple

Geoffrey WhiteheadButterHeinem HSPaperback52034486This is a comprehensive survey of all aspects of b..

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Business Travel and Tourism

SWARBROOKEButterHeinem HSPaperback38437135'Business Travel and Tourism' provides a compreh..

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Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations - (Modular Mathemati

David PearsonButterHeinem HSPaperback24035034Professor Pearson's book starts with an introducti..

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Case Studies in Engineering Design

MATTHEWS C.ButterHeinem HSPaperback27235947A multidisciplinary introduction to engineering design us..

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CFROI Valuation

MADDENButterHeinem HSHardback35636192What generates shareholder value? How can it be evaluated? How ..

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Chameleon Manager

CLEGGButterHeinem HSPaperback20036039Today's managers are faced with many conflicting demands a..

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Changing the Way We Work

R Meredith BelbinButterHeinem HSPaperback11536404How many problems at work arise from the way in whi..

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Channel Advantage, The

FRIEDMAN AND FUREYButterHeinem HSHardback22836281'The Channel Advantage' deals with one to..

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Chemical Engineering Volume 1

J R BackhurstButterHeinem HSPaperback92836434Coulson and Richardson's classic series provides t..

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Chemical Engineering Volume 2

J H HarkerButterHeinem HSPaperback123237438Chemical Engineering Volume 2 covers the properties of pa..

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Chemical Engineering Volume 3

J F RichardsonButterHeinem HSPaperback034608NULL..

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Chemistry of the Elements

A. EarnshawButterHeinem HSPaperback160035735When this innovative textbook first appeared in 1984 it ..

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CIM Handbook of Strategic Marketing

EGAN AND THOMASButterHeinem HSHardback38435977The CIM Handbook of Strategic Marketing targets senior..

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CIM Marketing Dictionary 5e

HART STAPLETONButterHeinem HSPaperback33635217The CIM Marketing Dictionary the 5th edition of the be..

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Civil Jet Aircraft Design

JENKINSONButterHeinem HSPaperback43636342As with all engineering, there is an increasing emphasis on..

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Cobol for Students 4th Edition

Andrew ParkinButterHeinem HSPaperback35235034COBOL for Students has established itself as one of the..

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Coming Shape of Organization

BELBINButterHeinem HSPaperback14835855This book from Meredith Belbin, the UK's leading expert o..

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Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques

HOUSEButterHeinem HSPaperback25636739The Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques is the latest wo..

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Computational Methods in Process Simulation

W F RamirezButterHeinem HSHardback51235735Process Modelling and simulation have proved to be extreme..

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Concrete Folded Plate Roofs

WILBY, BRYAN CButterHeinem HSHardback30835765Concrete folded plate roofs used to cover large open ex..

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Concrete Petrography: A Handbook of Investigative Techniques

ST JOHN, DButterHeinem HSHardback48835796In the second part of the book, the chemical, the mineralog..

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Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics

BUYS AND OAKLEYButterHeinem HSPaperback25235370The Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics brings t..

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Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone

ASHURST AND DIMESButterHeinem HSPaperback46835916One of the problems which beset the practical conse..

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Considering Computer Contracting?

MICHAEL POWELLButterHeinem HSPaperback18036130Considering computer contracting? If you are, then rea..

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Construction the Third Way

BENNETTButterHeinem HSPaperback22436647This book describes current best practice in managing constru..

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Constructive Communication: Skills for the Building Industry

Richard EllisButterHeinem HSPaperback20836342Richard Ellis is a consultant in communications and the..

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