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A Legal and Political Interpretation of Article 215 (2) [New Article 288 (2)] of the Treaty of Rome

Constantin Stefanou and Helen XanthakiAshgate DartmouthHardback2462000This volume of essays provides..

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A Legal and Political Interpretation of Articles 224 and 225 of the Treaty of Rome

Constantin Stefanou and Helen XanthakiAshgate DartmouthHardback1561997The first in-depth examination..

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A New Approach to Policy Evaluation

Ciaran O'FaircheallaighAshgate DartmouthHardback2762002The only book of its kind this study of the ..

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A Patients Right to Know

Sheila A.M. McLeanAshgate DartmouthHardback1921995Security Interests in Mobile Equipment consists of..

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A Patients Right to Know

Sheila A.M. McLeanAshgate DartmouthPaperback1921995Combining national studies with comparative analy..

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A Peoples' Europe

Stratos V. KonstadinidisAshgate DartmouthHardback2801999Exploring how power is negotiated in women?s..

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A Philosophy of Intellectual Property

Peter DrahosAshgate DartmouthHardback2701996What Price Parenthood? presents essays and case studies ..

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A Social History of Company Law

Rob McQueenAshgate DartmouthHardback250The aim of the book is to provide an historical and a bottom ..

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Belinda BennettAshgate DartmouthHardback5842004The very purpose of international law is the peaceful..

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Administrative Law

Peter CaneAshgate DartmouthHardback5822002Pragmatism is experiencing a resurgence in law philosophy..

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Courtney S. Campbell Kathleen NolanAshgate DartmouthHardback2081992This book presents a concise acc..

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AIDS in Prison

Philip A. Thomas and Martin MoeringsAshgate DartmouthHardback1601994This book analyzes the nature of..

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AIDS: Society Ethics and Law

Udo Sch?klenkAshgate DartmouthHardback5802001Recent events in Kosovo indicate that the former Yugosl..

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All My Worldly Goods

Anne Morris and Susan NottAshgate DartmouthHardback3141995All My Worldly Goods examines from a femin..

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Michael D.A. FreemanAshgate DartmouthHardback5381995..

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An Economic and Jurisprudential Genealogy of Corporate Law

Michael J. WhincopAshgate DartmouthHardback2662001The essays in this volume reflect several importan..

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An Historical Introduction to Modern Civil Law

Thomas Glyn WatkinAshgate DartmouthPaperback5081999The Spanish Legal Tradition introduces readers to..

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An Historical Introduction to Modern Civil Law

Thomas Glyn WatkinAshgate DartmouthHardback5081999The civil law systems of continental Europe Latin..

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Anglo-American Insanity Defence Reform

Faye BolandAshgate DartmouthHardback2041999The European Convention on Human Rights is the most succe..

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Anti-Discrimination Law

Christopher McCruddenAshgate DartmouthHardback6322004Within Europe and outside foreign judgement is..

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Are Persons Property?

Margaret Davies and Ngaire NaffineAshgate DartmouthHardback2202001Rights brings together the most in..

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Aristotle and Modern Law

Richard O. Brooks and James Bernard MurphyAshgate DartmouthHardback7222003The essays contained withi..

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Artificial Legal Intelligence

Pamela N. GrayAshgate DartmouthHardback4241997The jury finds itself under attack ? on the right for..

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Aspects of Statehood and Institutionalism in Contemporary Europe

Malcolm D. EvansAshgate DartmouthHardback3741997Over the last few years the number of sovereign stat..

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Assisted Conception

Jennifer GunningAshgate DartmouthHardback2262000Ian McKenzie and Ray Bull gather together key author..

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Banks in Crisis

Andrew Campbell and Peter CartwrightAshgate DartmouthHardback2322002Analyzing the pressures for chan..

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Becoming Delinquent: British and European Youth 1650 - 1950

Pamela Cox and Heather ShoreAshgate DartmouthHardback1962002As new medical technologies and treatmen..

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Behind the Mask

John PatersonAshgate DartmouthHardback3742000Questions of human rights changes in social structures..

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Bills of Rights

Mark TushnetAshgate DartmouthHardback4242007The regulation of environmental pollution has long been ..

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Biomedical Technology and Human Rights

UNESCOAshgate DartmouthHardback3361993This book presents a humane approach to the issues of health r..

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Blood in the Bank

Gary SlapperAshgate DartmouthHardback2841999Drawing from private and public law areas the author sh..

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Bridging the Entrepreneurial Financing Gap

Michael J. WhincopAshgate DartmouthHardback2242001A collection of important essays on the consequenc..

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Bridging the Global Divide on Human Rights

Errol P. Mendes and Anik Lalonde-RoussyAshgate DartmouthHardback3902003The recent revival of interes..

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Bringing the Law Back In

Patrick McAuslanAshgate DartmouthHardback4182003The central theme of this book is the activity of th..

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Cannabis: The Facts

John Witton John Strang Michael Gossop and Wayne HallAshgate DartmouthHardback200Violence collects..

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Cannabis: The Facts

John Witton John Strang Michael Gossop and Wayne HallAshgate DartmouthPaperback200This volume make..

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Causation in Law and Medicine

Ian Freckelton and Danuta MendelsonAshgate DartmouthHardback5562002Governments world-wide have devel..

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Censorship and Free Speech

P.G. IngramAshgate DartmouthHardback1522000In the tight frame of its first twenty years Massachuset..

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Challenges to Democracy

Raphael Cohen-AlmagorAshgate DartmouthHardback3442000Hegel and Law brings together a collection of e..

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Child Law

Harry D. KrauseAshgate DartmouthHardback5041993..

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Childhood Abused

Geraldine Van BuerenAshgate DartmouthHardback3261998Childhood Abused considers the application of in..

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Children Medicine and the Law

Michael FreemanAshgate DartmouthHardback7362005Presenting papers from the 1998 Contemporary Issues i..

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Children's Rights Volumes I and II

Michael D.A. FreemanAshgate DartmouthHardback8002004These two volumes collect in convenient form a s..

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Children's Rights and Traditional Values

Gillian Douglas and Leslie SebbaAshgate DartmouthHardback3521998Essays by legal scholars from the Un..

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Chinese Law and Legal Theory

Perry KellerAshgate DartmouthHardback5662001Reassessing the genres of critique evident in previous f..

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Civil Law

Ralf RogowskiAshgate DartmouthHardback6801996This volume provides an introduction to major discussio..

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Classical Canons

David J. BedermanAshgate DartmouthHardback3522001Nowhere in the world are women as equal to men as i..

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Co-Existence and Denial

Barbara Hocking Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes and Margaret A. StephensonAshgate DartmouthHardback20..

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Collective Security Law

Nigel D. WhiteAshgate DartmouthHardback6162003Using material obtained from The Cannabis Evidence Aud..

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Commercial Agency Law

S?verine SaintierAshgate DartmouthHardback2922002Cyberspace Crime brings together key texts that hav..

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