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300 Questions and Answers in Diagnostic Aids for Veterinary Nurses

CAWButterworth-HeinemannPaperback82???-00The titles in this series provide the student with a collec..

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50 Challenging Spinal Pain Syndrome Cases

GILESButterworth-HeinemannPaperback160???-02This new book presents 50 cases of patients with spinal ..

€53.99 Ex Tax: €53.99

Acupressure and Reflextherapy in the Treatment of Medical Conditions

CrossButterworth-HeinemannPaperback210???-01Acupressure and reflextherapy have been used for over 50..

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Acupuncture in Physiotherapy

Val HopwoodButterworth-HeinemannPaperback275????-04This book allows readers to extend their practice..

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Edzard ErnstButterworth-HeinemannPaperback168????-99A new text examining acupuncture from a scientif..

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Acute Head Injuries

David HardyButterworth-HeinemannPaperback40???-02The aim of this booklet is to bridge the gap betwee..

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Adult Hemiplegia

Berta BobathButterworth-HeinemannPaperback208????-90The 'Bobath' approach is universally r..

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Advanced Vehicle Technology

Heinz HeislerButterworth-HeinemannPaperback65637438This eagerly awaited second edition of Heinz Heis..

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Applied Principles of Horticultural Science 3rd Ed

BrownButterworth-HeinemannPaperback34439675The book contains over 70 practical exercises presented ..

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Atlas of Vitreous Biomicroscopy

Charles SchepensButterworth-HeinemannHardback152???-99This practical text on the vitreous helps clin..

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Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems

Tom DentonButterworth-HeinemannPaperback48838169Understanding vehicle electrical and electronic syst..

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Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

Steven DalyButterworth-HeinemannPaperback43238899Automotive Air-conditioning and Climate Control Sys..

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Automotive Buzz, Squeak and Rattle: Mechanisms, Analysis, Evaluation and Prevention

TrappButterworth-HeinemannHardback41639448Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) is the industry term for the..

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Automotive Computer Controlled Systems

Allan BonnickButterworth-HeinemannPaperback27236951'Automotive Computer Controlled Systems'..

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Automotive Quality Systems Handbook: ISO/TS 16949:2002 Edition: ISO/TS 16949

David HoyleButterworth-HeinemannHardback71238565ISO/TS 16949:2002 (TS2) will have a huge impact on t..

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Avian Medicine

TULLY ET ALButterworth-HeinemannHardback448????-00At last: a book on avian medicine aimed at the gen..

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Business Aspects of Optometry, 3rd Edition

APMEButterworth-HeinemannHardcover54440210Count on this complete guide to setting up and managing an..

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William DouthwaiteButterworth-HeinemannHardback0???-93Written specifically for the optometrist, this..

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Chiropractic Peripheral Joint Technique

BROOMEButterworth-HeinemannPaperback320???-00A practical text covering the diagnosis and chiropracti..

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CIMA Official Learning System Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting 5th Ed

BarnwellButterworth-HeinemannPaperback47039644The 2008 edition of CIMA's Official Learning Systems h..

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Clinical Anatomy and Management of Cervical Spine Pain

GILESButterworth-HeinemannPaperback232???-98This text highlights the value of a team approach to app..

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Clinical Oral Science,

Michael EdgarButterworth-HeinemannHardback360???-97Postgraduate dental training has recently undergo..

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Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing,

Victoria AspinallButterworth-HeinemannPaperback360???-08This title is directed primarily towards hea..

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Clinical Visual Optics

Ronald RabbettsButterworth-HeinemannHardback464????-98This text provides a comprehensive introductio..

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Complete Optometric Assistant,

Sarah MorganButterworth-HeinemannPaperback160????-08..

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Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy,

Andrew ColeButterworth-HeinemannHardback320???-03Summarizes biologic, medical, and rehabilitative re..

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Comprehensive Chronic Pain Evaluation: Users Manual

Karen RuckerButterworth-HeinemannPaperback184???-00This unique manual describes the use of pain asse..

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Corporate Financial Strategy, 3rd Edition

Bender Ruth, Ward KeithButterworth-HeinemannPaperback40839630Corporate Financial Strategy is a pract..

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Craniofacial Dysfunction and Pain

Harry von PiekartzButterworth-HeinemannPaperback246???-00Prestigious text with expert international ..

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Customer Relationship Management 2nd Ed


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Ethical Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice

BARTTERButterworth-HeinemannPaperback160???-01Nursing staff of many specialities are taking on and d..

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Eye Essentials: Ophthalmic Imaging,

James WolffsohnButterworth-HeinemannPaperback186???-08..

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Facilities Management Handbook 4th Ed

BootyButterworth-HeinemannPaperback46439873The Facilities Management Handbook gives a complete overv..

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Group Treatment of Neurogenic Communication Disorders

ELMANButterworth-HeinemannPaperback180???-99Discover the theory and efficacy behind group treatment ..

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Heinemann Dental Dictionary,

C. Gavin FairpoButterworth-HeinemannPaperback364???-97A compact and reliable dictionary now familiar..

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Interpersonal Communication and Psychology

RUNGAPADIACHYButterworth-HeinemannPaperback304???-99This book offers nursing students and profession..

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Introduction to Homeland Security Principles of All-Hazards Response 3rd Ed

Bullock et alButterworth-HeinemannHardback61639692Bullock and Haddow have set the standard for homel..

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Introduction to the Optics of the Eye

Goss & WestButterworth-HeinemannPaperback264???-01Get the best start in visual optics. Reader friend..

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Lymphoma of the Nervous System

Tracy BatchelorButterworth-HeinemannHardback275???-04The incidence of primary and secondary nervous ..

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Managing Airports An international perspective 3rd Ed

GrahamButterworth-HeinemannPaperback36039692Approaching management topics from a strategic and comme..

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Manual of Retinal Surgery

Andrew PackerButterworth-HeinemannPaperback137???-01This unique and informative manual introduces re..

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Market-Led Strategic Change Transforming the Process of Going to Market 4th Ed

PiercyButterworth-HeinemannPaperback57639717The fourth edition of Market-Led Strategic Change builds..

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Marketing Communications in Tourism and Hospitality Concepts, Strategies and Cases

Scott McCabeButterworth-HeinemannPaperback32039722The rapid diffusion of technology in tourism and h..

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Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving

AttawayButterworth-HeinemannPaperback48039873Matlab is now pervasive as the software tool for solvin..

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Mental Health Nursing

WATKINSButterworth-HeinemannPaperback240???-00Explains the therapeutic relationship * Shows how the ..

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Mitochondrial Disorders in Neurology

Anthony SchapiraButterworth-HeinemannHardback288???-02Gain practical explanations of the science und..

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Non-Newtonian Flow and Applied Rheology Engineering Applications 2nd Ed

Chhabra and RichardsonButterworth-HeinemannHardback53639650This book bridges the gap between the the..

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Nuclear Safeguards, Security and Nonproliferation: Achieving Security with Technology and Policy

James DoyleButterworth-HeinemannHardback70439661With an increase of global security concerns over po..

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Mike FreemanButterworth-HeinemannHardback576???-03Thoroughly updated and revised, this definitive te..

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Paediatric Advanced Life Support,

Jevon and SoanesButterworth-HeinemannPaperback200???-03In the event of a paediatric cardiac arrest i..

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