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Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, 2nd Edition

Steven M. Bragg, E. James BurtonJohn WileyHardback31238749Allowing readers to gain a more detailed u..

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Accounting Dictionary: English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Spanish-Spanish

Nora S?nchezJohn WileyHardback33637987This handy guide is a English-Spanish and Spanish - English tr..

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Accounting Principles, 8th Edition

Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. KimmelJohn WileyHardback128039083This engaging book lays..

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Accounting Principles, Peachtree Complete Account Workbook, 8th Edition

Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. KimmelJohn WileyPaperback28839326..

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Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 2nd Edition

Paul D. Kimmel, Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. KiesoJohn WileyHardback136039114Offering a unique appro..

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Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Bible

Robert Reinhardt, Snow DowdJohn WileyPaperback123239356Two of the savviest Flash experts in the indu..

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Aircraft Performance

Maido SaarlasJohn WileyHardback29639083Aircraft Performance sets forth a group of tested and proven ..

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Applying International Financial Reporting Standards Enhanced Edition

Keith Alfredson, Ken Leo, Ruth Picker, Paul Pacter, Jennie Radford, Victoria WiseJohn WileyPaperback..

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BlackBerry For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Robert Kao, Dante SarigumbaJohn WileyPaperback38439356What?s part PDA, part smartphone, and part med..

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Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring, 3rd Edition

David Barnett, David Groth, Jim McBeeJohn WileyPaperback72038200The physical linkages responsible fo..

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Circuit-Bending: Build Your Own Alien Instruments

Reed GhazalaJohn WileyPaperback45038565Fans will get bent out of shape if they miss the first book t..

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Computers Simplified, 7th Edition

Paul McFedriesJohn WileyPaperback22939356Here?s the easiest guide ever to computers ? a book that sk..

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Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples, 3rd Edition

Shannon P. Pratt, Roger J. GrabowskiJohn WileyHardback77839539Cost of capital estimation has long be..

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Crash Course in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis, 2nd Edition

Matan Feldman, Arkady LibmanJohn WileyPaperback28839142..

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Critical Marketing: Issues in Contemporary Marketing

Mark Tadajewski (Editor), Douglas Brownlie (Editor)John WileyPaperback41639508Focusing on a new and ..

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Financial Accounting, 6th Edition

Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Donald E. KiesoJohn WileyHardback93839539In the new sixth edition..

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Financial Reporting for Managers: A Value-Creation Perspective, 1st Edition

Jamie Pratt, D. Eric HirstJohn WileyPaperback43039539This is the first and only book to combine the ..

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Fix Your Own PC, 8th Edition

Corey SandlerJohn WileyPaperback55539234.Packed with crisp black-and-white photographs and illustrat..

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International GAAP 2008, Generally Accepted Accouting Practice under International Financial Reporting Standards (Ext), 2 Volume Set

Ernst & Young LLP (Editor)John WileyPaperback342439479IFRSs, the standards set by the International ..

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iPhone For Dummies

Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitusJohn WileyPaperback24039326Get up to speed fast with this full-color guid..

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iPhone VISUAL Quick Tips

Kate ShoupJohn WileyPaperback19739448* Packed with useful and surprising techniques essential to get..

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Larger ImageActuarial Modelling of Claim Counts: Risk Classification, Credibility and Bonus-Malus Systems

Michel Denuit, Xavier Marechal, Sandra Pitrebois, Jean-Francois WalhinJohn WileyHardback38439295..

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Marketing Research Essentials with SPSS, 6th Edition

Carl McDaniel, Jr., Roger GatesJohn WileyPaperback54439295?Real-World Orientation. Throughout the te..

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Multinational Finance, 4th Edition

Kirt ButlerJohn WileyHardback69639539Now in its fourth edition, the best-selling textbook Multinatio..

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Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus

Michael MillerJohn WileyHardback31939508This book focuses on today's most successful online mar..

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Photoshop CS3 Extended Video and 3D Bible

Lisa DaNae DayleyJohn WileyPaperback46439479Photoshop CS3 Extended Video and 3D Bible will provide a..

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Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online

Andy Beal, Judy StraussJohn WileyPaperback37839479Radically Transparent is the complete resource for..

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly

David Meerman ScottJohn WileyHardback30439234The Internet has profoundly changed the way people comm..

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