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This monthly compendium of statistics and articles on the UK economy contains data on UK economic accounts, prices, labour market, output and demand indicators, selected financial statistics, gross domestic product, consumer and wholesale price indices, households' final consumption expenditure, final expenditure prices index, visible and invisible trade balance, earnings, and regional and international economic indicators. Includes articles on national accounting, trade, wider economic issues, research and development statistics and international comparisons.

From October 1998 the national accounts data in Economic Trends is consistent with the European System of Accounts (ESA 95)

This issue includes:

Public Service Productivity: health - estimates of the change in productivity expenditure on health using National Accounts data from 1995 to 2003, by Phillip Lee

Health Expenditure by Charities - a description of the functional and provider breakdown of charitable expenditure on health in the UK for 2002, by Gavin Wallis

Economic Trends No.613 December 2004

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