Made Simple
This practical text is for you if you want to create your own or company Web site. It assumes that you want to learn HTML quickly, thoroughly and without getting bogged down in theory. The book covers HTML version 4.0. The essentials of HTML are easy to master - you can learn enough to knock up a small, but well-formed Web site over a weekend. It will take you a little longer to work right through this book, but we hope that you will find it worth the trouble. All you need for simple text-and-images pages is covered in the first four chapters. From there on in lots more advanced material is covered to take you from a novice to experienced user. The next two chapters describe a range of techniques for positioning and formatting material. Tables and frames (Chapter 5) can be handled by almost all browsers nowadays, but if you choose to use style sheets (Chapter 6) you have to accept that only people with newer browsers will see your pages in all their glory. If you want feedback from your visitors - orders for your products, input from your club's members, or simply comments on your site - you need forms (Chapter 7).

HTML 4.0 Made Simple

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