Michael McNicholas
ButterHeinem ST
The commercial maritime sector has emerged as a highly vulnerable and probable target for a major terrorist attack. The solution to this threat lies not in trying to address it at the final links in the cargo supply chain, but to apply lessons learned in another arena-?the struggle to curb drug smuggling. From this effort we have learned that successes can be achieved when effective and comprehensive security measures and procedures were implemented at key initial links in the cargo supply chain, and when focus was placed at the first primary "choke point" ? the load seaports and their ships. This book provides practical, experience-based, and proven knowledge - and a "how-to-guide" - on maritime security. McNicholas explains in clear language how commercial seaports and vessels function; what the multiple existing threats are; what the security policies, procedures, systems, and measures that may be implemented to mitigate these threats are; and how to conduct ship and port security assessments and plans. Whether the problem is weapons of mass destruction or cargo theft, Maritime Security provides invaluable unique guidance for the professionals who protect our shipping and ports.

Maritime Security,

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